Symptoms of Depression vary with Individuals

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Symptoms of depression vary with individuals.  These

symptoms include:

– sadness                               – anxiety

– irritability                             – fatigue

– loss of enthusiasm             – memory loss

– weight loss                         – weight gain

– insomnia                             – oversleeping

– restlessness                        – difficulty concentrating

– loss of interest                    – hopelessness

– pessimism                           – guilt

– worthlessness                      – helplessness

– bad thoughts                       – headaches

– chronic pain                        – digestive disorders

Depression is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed

illnesses.  Many times the root of the problem is not

addressed.  Proper treatment can relieve depression

symptoms and allow those to lead more satisfying and

productive lives.  The actual onset of depressive illness

is attributed to a deficiency of certain brain chemicals.

Researchers have shown that physical changes in the

body can be a accompanied by mental changes as well.

The recovery time for physical illnesses can be

prolonged without addressing proper depressive disorder

symptoms.  Without the proper care of depression,

a variety of health related problems can result.

Lifestyle changes and stress management techniques

should also be incorporated.

Natural herbs can be used as part of an overall program for

improving mild to moderate depression and improving

insomnia.  Many herbalists will agree that a combination

of herbs is effective for reducing or eliminating symptoms

of depression and anxiety.


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