6 Benefits Of Using An Electronic Cigarette

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The traditional cigarette can cause cancer, as well as many other health issues. Traditional cigarettes are not just bad for you, but the second hand smoke is bad for those around you. Here are 5 benefits of using electronic cigarettes over the traditional cigarette.

  1. There are No Tar or Carcinogens. Most Electronic Cigarette vaporizers contain just liquid nicotine, propylene glycol, and tobacco extract.
  2. Can Be Used Almost Anywhere. Electronic cigarettes are not part of the smoking bans found in many states. These e-cigarettes can be used in bars, restaurants, and other public indoor places.
  3. No Secondhand Smoke. Electronic cigarettes do not use smoke. Instead they use water vapor and liquid nicotine. There is no burning of anything.
  4. No Stinky Yellow Fingers or Teeth. The ingredients in a normal traditional cigarette that cause stinky yellow fingers and teeth are not present in an electronic cigarette.
  5. No Lingering Smell. When inhaling, there is the aroma of tobacco, or of whatever flavoring extract is used in the liquid formula. You will taste this but when exhaling, almost no smell will be present. After the vapor has faded, there will be no lingering smell at all
  6. Cheaper Then Traditional Cigarettes. While the initial price of the electronic cigarette is a little high ranging from $70 to $140+ dollars depending where you buy. But when the price of a pack of traditional cigarettes is compared against the price of refill packs of the nicotine cartridges, over time you can see savings in the hundreds over the course of a year.

As you can see, the electronic cigarette technology has allowed for smokers of traditional cigarettes to find a new alternative to smoking tobacco. Based out of Seattle, Electronic cigarette company NicotineGreen.com has a fantastic price on their electronic cigarette kit at just $69.99. NicotineGreen is one of the more affordable electronic cigarette company that supply quality electronic cigarettes.


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