Rooibos A.D.D. Tea

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Rooibos A.D.D. Tea is a blend of all natural herbs

designed to be beneficial in the treatment of A.D.D.

Studies have shown these herbs boost

concentration and memory, promote nutritional

delivery to the brain and balance neurotransmitters.

These herbs have been shown to be effective for

restlessness and release of anxiety.

Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D) – Also known

as A.D.H.D., Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

Disorder can overlap with other physical and

psychological disorders.  There is rarely a case

of someone who is all A.D.D.  More often there

is a combination expressed by some underlying

cause.   A.D.D. is not simply a disorder of

childhood, but a lifelong condition.

A.D.D. is difficult for everyone involved to deal

with.  As well as the difficulty of living with the

symptoms, wider society may face challenges.

Some symptoms and characteristics of A.D.D. are

learning disabilities, frequent forgetfulness,

impaired judgment, excessive talking/interrupting,

trouble concentrating, shortened attention span,

mood disorders, alienation, motor problems,

and organization.  A.D.D. is also linked with an

increased risk of accidents, drug abuse, failure

in school, antisocial behavior, and criminal activity.

But others view A.D.D. in a positive light, arguing

that it is simply a different method of learning

involving greater risk-taking and creativity.


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