How To Have Personal Security In This Crazy World

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Every day people become victims of crimes because they are caught offguard.

They are looking the other way or are distracted, or simply not thinking about their own safety at the moment.

Many times criminals target seniors because they are less able to protect themselves.

They are more likely to be a poor witness against a criminal also. Half a million homes a year are broken into and robbed with people at home using trickery or brute force.

By learning more about criminal tactics, violence, and taking a few simple steps to improve security, you can be safer in this crazy world. Here are some tips to help you:

Step 1

Lock your door when you are home or even if you are stepping out for only a moment to take out the trash or bring in the groceries or mail. As many as a million home break-ins happen every year with unlocked doors.

Step 2

DON’T open the door unless you know who is on the other side. It’s easy for a criminal to “push” their way in especially if you open the screen door to be friendlier and talk to the person.

Step 3

Use a peephole and talk through the door, especially if you don’t know the person. A determined criminal can push hard enough on a slightly opened door to rip off a door safety chain not professionally installed.

Step 4

Don’t trust people just because they look respectable. More than a half million crimes per year are committed by criminals impersonating gas, telephone, cable, and water inspectors, along with police officer imposters among others. Check the credentials before you open the door. Call the organization he claims to have sent him to confirm his identity.

Step 5

Do not give your keys to your home or automobile to anyone unless you know they are trustworthy plus all their relatives and friends who have access to your property. They may steal from you.

Step 6

Separate your house keys and car keys. If they have access to both, then you are in double trouble.


Don’t leave your garage door opener in your unlocked car. Even if your car sits in your driveway unlocked, take the garage door opener out. Keep your garage door closed at all times.


  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Look around and see who is closeby. Keep your finger on the panic button located on your car key. The noise will scare a would be criminal away.
  • In today’s crazy world, criminals have learned many ways to exploit people getting in and out of cars when they are the most vulnerable. The panic button on your auto keys works great for scaring them off.
  • Always practice safe methods of being aware and ready to act.

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