How to Become a Breakdancer

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Break dancers significant hands, upper body and abdominal strength must be.

Break dance (the dance break), a fast-paced form of dance is also known as b-boying. It is a type of dance that began in 1970 on New York streets and hip hop music – with a huge rise in popularity of general public attention in 1980. Learning to dance as a breach of the move, as it is about learning about the culture of learning much about the dance. Forms you need to study to become a break dancer, the other you practice, practice, practice you can learn to find.


B-boys, or (for a description of the use of break dancers), B-girls that you can teach basic skills.You also have the DVD so you can learn and practice in your own home you can buy. Your own society, to reach out to other dancers who get together to study and one other war. Dancers in action to learn the best way to observe and ask them to help you start.


Learn the language. The exact break dance moves and dance to their own specific rules for particular types. Language, including those associated with the break dancing, this time to learn about art. This will help you communicate with other break dancers and have a good understanding of the culture of B-boying.



Start with the Basics. Other dance forms such as dance, BREAK, move, build on one another in the series. You need to learn and master the basics before you can try more difficult to move. Some basic top rock moves and 3 and 6 step – a step, such as basic footwork steps, including. Once you learn and master this move, you have to build on your skills, the more difficult moves, break dance in your attempt to improve your ability to improvise and be able to make it your own.


The shape is not. Break dancing is a great deal of physical strength and stamina needed. Push – ups, sit – ups handstands, and strong abdominal muscles help you maintain a good dancer. Flexibility is also important. More flexibility in your room or try yoga. Because of the shape will help you prevent injury.


System and the patient is. Learn any new skill; you will not do it completely on your first try. Break dancing is fast and coordination is required. To learn how to dance and see the time it takes to disable it. Do not you think it is not the first hard on. It must be hard. If you are patient, seeking help from other dancers and practice often, you will improve.


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