How to Help a Pet Rescue

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The next time you are on your laptop, do a google search for pet rescues in your area. Many pet rescues are in private homes, and there is no way you would know where they were located if you did not live in the area.

If you feel you want to add a pet to your home, check one of the local pet rescues before making a decision. A pet rescue may have exactly what you are looking for. Pet rescues ask for a donation when you take one of their pets.

Most pet rescues will have at least some pets that came from families who had to place the pet due to health or financial issues. It must be a terribly hard thing for someone to place their pet with a pet rescue. Any one of these cats or dogs would love to move in with you.

What if you can’t squeeze another pet into your busy life? Think about making a donation of pet food. First, call the pet rescue and ask what foods they prefer. Just as with your own pets, cats and dogs in a pet rescue need to stay on the same diet they are accustomed to.

Another way to help would be to donate money. This is something many of us are hesitant to do, because we worry about how our money will be used. Think about that for a minute: Most pet rescues are run on a very small budget. The rescue is feeding animals, and seeing to their health needs. Do you think there is ever enough money to go cover all the expenses?

Sometimes you may find yourself with pet supplies you don’t need. Pet toys, animal crates, or other supplies may be useful to the pet rescue. Don’t think such small items are not important. Most pet rescues need everything they can get. They are usually short handed, short of funds, and don’t say no when someone asks them to take in another pet.


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