How to stop obsessing over weight loss and love your own body again

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Have you ever seen a really skinny woman on TV and thought to yourself, “Why can’t I look like her?”

Body envy is an amazingly powerful form of jealousy that can eat you up inside.  It will drive you to go on starvation diets; exercise like a maniac and deprive yourself of the most basic life giving foods.

Ultimately, you’ll end up disappointed and puzzled.

And you wonder: “Why does she get to be so skinny? It’s not fair.” As if being skinny would suddenly solve all your problems.

Comparing yourself to anyone else will only set you up for failure. No two people will ever look alike. And, if you are aspiring to the stick thin “so called” perfection of a magazine model, your own weightloss successes will fall short every time you look into the mirror.

Before you drive yourself nuts with extreme diets and unrealistic expectations of your body, you should know that these super skinny people are the extreme not the norm.  There are few people, even extremely healthy ones, who will ever look stick thin or be exceptionally skinny.

Being super skinny doesn’t make them any more exceptional, pretty or well liked than anyone else.

And, it doesn’t make them healthy either.

If you’ve always been overweight, you may imagine that life is truly more enjoyable for skinny people.

But, realistically, everyone has the same problems: bad marriages; lousy jobs, loud neigbhbors.  Just look at celebrities.  They’re oh so thin and ultra rich, but they can’t seem to keep it all together.

Not to mention that celebrities often have their own weight loss secret weapons, like personal trainers and surgery.  They use their money and wealth to give them the weight loss edge that mere mortals can never match.

Losing weight won’t automatically make you love yourself.  It’s OK to love the person that you are now.  Think about all the wonderful things you contribute to your family and society; take stock of your personal accomplishments. Focus on making healthy food choices and the weight loss will occur naturally.

Avoid negative people that critisize your weight and cause you to feel bad about living in your own skin.

Work on loving yourself and when the weight does eventually come off through diet, exercise and hard work, you’ll truly be happy. Not because you weigh less, but because you like the person you are on the inside.


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