Beginner’s Meditation Guide

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The benefits of meditations have been cited so often it seems everyone must know them by now.  And yet still not everyone meditates.  It’s surprising when you think of how many times we all have been promised that for a mere 30 minutes a day we can have peace of mind, increased health, help with chronic pain, better sleep, more happiness, more time really present and in touch with our very consciousness.  

Many people must give up when they begin and learn what a monkey mind we all have.  As soon as most people tell themselves to just focus on their breaths, the monkey mind wants to plan what’s for dinner, think about what bills need to be paid, and fantacize about his or her lover.  It is discouraging and you can’t blame people for jumping up and saying something to the effect of “What’s the use?”

But beginners need to know that they shouldn’t get on their case over this.  It happens to everyone.  With some time, and enough bringing the body until the mind follows, the thoughts will one day get peaceful and allow you to get in touch with your inner voice.  

Here’s a valuable tip that is often repeated by meditators with real experience.  Start meditating for only ten minutes at a time.  Don’t think that that is too short a time.  It isn’t good to force yourself to try to go longer if you aren’t ready.  Someday, when you’re ready, you may want to extend it to 20 minutes or so, but take your time getting to that point.  You need to be able to get your mind peaceful without causing your body too much anxiety.

Another important tip for beginning meditators is that it’s very critical that you establish the daily habit of letting your subconscious mind know that you mean to get in touch.  Make yourself sit in that straight-backed chair every day with good upright posture at the same time of day and try to focus on your breaths for ten minutes.  As long as you are showing up for meditation, eventually you will be successful.


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