Cool Pet Freebies for the Pet Lover

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Every month, I get up to $20 in free pet food; pet treats and pet goodies. If you love  cats and dogs as much as I do, you’ll love these great pet freebies.   Don’t let your favorite pet miss out on the freebie-fest!

Check out this list of my favorite pet freebies.

Free 2.2 pound bag of Canine Caviar Get a coupon for a free full sized bag of Canine Caviar, the premium food for your beloved pet.

Greenies sample for cats My cats went crazy over this greenies; good for cat digestion and really tasty treat.

Treat people, free pet treat sample Picky pet lovers demand the best for their pets. Try out a free sample. 100% natural ingredients.

Free bag of cat food from Blue Buffalo ($3.00 coupon for free bag) 

Free Pet Safety kit from ASPCA

Free pet safety kit includes window decal to alert rescue personnell that pets are inside your home.  Plus a free safety booklet and fridge magnet with phone number to poison control center in case of pet emergency.

Free Dog Tag from Might Dog

Let your dog join the Mighty dog nation and get a free welcome kit that includes a Might Dog nation tag; founding papers; valuable pet care coupons and more.

Free Birthday Card for your cat or dog

Join PetPerks free and get a free birthday card on your pet’s birthday, plus $100 in free pet care and pet food copuons for all the basics your pet needs. 

Free Puppy Training Videos

Get valuable advice on puppy training from the experts at Eukanuba.  Free online videos.

Free Dog Screensavers

Express your love for the canine with a gorgeous screensaver for your computer, courtesy Eukanuba

Free Purina Puppy Pack ($10 value)

Over $10 in instant savings via printable coupons

A downloadable Puppy Care Guide by the pet experts at Purina

A special birthday gift for your puppy when he reaches maturity

Free and low cost spay/neuter services for your cat (variety of programs available for every US state, convenient locations)

This one is a real money saver, especially for multiple cat homes. Protect your beloved cat from unwanted cat litters with a humane spay/neuter.

Free pooper scooper bags

Get 3 free popper scooper bags from Scoopex.   

Free can of Pet Cuisine

Treat your cat to the ultimate feline food with a free  can of Pet Cuisine or her birthday.  Join the feline birthday club and get free cat food plus money saving coupons.

Free can of Alpo dog food

Just play a fun matchup game on the Alpo website and win a free mini-can of Alpo for your dog.  

Free fun dog ecards from Snausages

Send a funny Snausages ecard to friends and family.  Many hilarious ecards to choose from.  A great way to stay in touch with friends online without spending money. 

Free dog treat

Get a free bag of dog treats from the Pet People.  Picky pet owners choose Pet People snacks for a healthier pet.


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