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In today’s cruel market of marketing, it behooves one in the business world, whether small or large, to find the most inexpensive, yet effective, way to “woo” customers to their “island.”  Being in the automotive industry has caused me to think way outside the “bun” if you will, because of the competitive nature of the business.  There is a dealership virtually on every corner and now the buying process is becoming more “virtual” day by day.  Where it was once the local dealer that ruled and reigned over their immediate territory, dealers from across the globe are snatching customers from literally anywhere, and I mean anywhere!  The upside to this variable is that dealers who once treated customers like the scum of the earth, are challenged to get their act together and render due respect and professionalism, or get forced out of car business and try hot dog stands or something.  I have sold cars all over the United States and as far away as Italy.  My backyard is the entire world now…literally.  For businesses that are asleep and refuse to embrace the internet, you get an A+ on stubbornness and stupidity and you are on a path of self-destruction and you are doomed to the lake of fire!  Personally, I love the A+ dealers because they really make me shine.

Our presence is on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Craig’s List, Ebay, our own personal website and anywhere a car ad can be populated.  Not only should you use twitter but you should make your presence on any and every possible social network.  One day someone will wake up and decide to levy a price for our business presence but until then, ride the FREE wave like a surfer with no other purpose in life but to catch the next biggest wave.  Coupled with paid marketing, free social network-marketing, as I call it, is the perfect supplement and ingredient for success.

Having a presence on these social networks will also help your placement when it comes to SEO and SEM (a blog or two wouldn’t hurt either).  It’s better to start out as inexpensive as possible and grow from there rather than start out with a huge budget filtering what works and what doesn’t never finding true success because you’ve spent all your money before actually starting.  At least you can grow a business and earn profits and then expand your budget and then SEO and SEM and success will cost a lot less and the victory will be so much sweeter!


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