The Demon of Our Past

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Good question right? Would you be ok with reliving your life, exactly as you have lived it before? All the happiness would be just as powerful as the first time, but so would the pains and sorrows… If you wouldn’t want to live your life again, without any changes, then does this change your aspect of how you should act in the future?
Nietzsche says that once you have done something, it doesn’t go away (contrary to how we think of once something has happened it’s done and over with in your past). Your actions, once committed, are forever, and Nietzsche tries to make the point that if you would not like to relive your life then why not think through what you’re going to say, and what you’re going to do before you actually do it. Thus saving you from some very bad results. Well, the general answer to this is actually split between two… 1) We can not possibly think of every consequence that can/could occur with our actions, but this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to disregard thinking through things at all. 2) Well… this takes discipline… Something not many people seem to acquire until it’s too late, or they’re about 45 years old. “Yes I know I shouldn’t drink this beer, not only am I underage, but I’ve already had 4… But I really want it.” Ah yes, I bet many out there would love to relive their parties and the fun aftereffect of throwing up… Doesn’t that sound great?
To be honest, I kinda like this Nietzsche fellow. Of course we don’t think of actions lasting forever, because we as humans DO NOT last forever. We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, but many people could think a bit more about what they’re doing before they actually do it… “Maybe driving after drinking is not a good idea…” Regardless, I just hope you carry this with you for just a moment and realize that grains of truth within it, and maybe even use it in your life.

Be fruitful, be plentiful, be playful, and be amazing. Never fear who you are, and remember, you’re the only one on the planet, so shine.


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