RuneScape: Player Dictionary [N-Z]

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Nat Nature rune
NB Not bad
Newb New player
NFS Not for sale
Noob New player
NP No problem
NPC Non-player character
Nrg Energy
NTY No thank you
Nvm Never mind


Obby Obsidian, as in TzHaar items
OMG Oh my gosh
OMW On my way
Owned Kill something with ease


P2P Member (Pay to Play)
Phat Partyhat
PK(er) Player kill(er)
Plate/Pl8 Platemail and legs/skirt
Plz Please
PM Private message
PMod Player moderator
POH Player-owned houses
Pot Potion
Potter Someone who uses potions to fight
Ppl People
Pray Prayer
Pure Someone who trains only one skill


QP Quest points


R2H Rune two-handed sword
RC(ing) Runecrafting
RFD Recipe for Disaster
RL Real life
Robin Robin Hood hat
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
ROL Ring of life
ROW Ring of wealth
RS RuneScape
RS2 RuneScape 2
RSC RuneScape Classic


Santa Santa Claus/Santa hat
Saph Sapphire
Sara Saradomin
Scimmy Scimitar
Seers Seers’ Village
Shilo Shilo Village
Short Shortsword/Shortbow
Skirt Plateskirt
Spec Special attack
Sq Square shield
Str Strength
Super sets Super Attack potion, super Defence potion, super Strength potion
Swordy Swordfish


Tally Talisman
TBH To be honest
Teh The
Tele Teleport
Thx/Thnx Thanks
Total Total level
TT Treasure Trail
TTFN Ta ta for now
TTYL Talk to you later
TY Thank you
TYVM Thank you very much


Ur You’re/Your


Vambs Vambraces
V Brassy Verac’s brassard (Armour)


W/O Without
WB Welcome back
WC(ing) Woodcutting
Wealth Ring of wealth
Whip Abyssal whip
Wildy Wilderness
WOM Wise Old Man
Woot Woohoo!
WP Wrong person


X-bow Crossbow
Xmas Christmas
XP Experience points


Y? Why?
YW You’re welcome


Zammy Zamorak

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