RuneScape: Player Dictionary [A-M]

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# 2h Two-handed sword
360 Ket-Zek
702 TzTok-Jad
(a) Activated
(d) Defensive
(g) Gold trimmed items
(kp) Karambwan poison
(l) Indicates that a set of armour has legs instead of a skirt
(m) Mature
(o) Offensive
(p) Poisoned
(p+) Extra poison
(p++) Super poison
(s) Indicates that a set of armour has a skirt instead of legs
(t) Trimmed armour
(u) Unstrung bow
[ ] Square shield
[ h ] Heraldic kite shield

A Abby Abyssal
Addy Adamantite
AFAIK As far as I know
AFK Away from keyboard
Agil Agility
AKA Also known as
Alch Alchemy
Ammy Amulet
Ancients Ancient Magicks spell list
Anti Anti-poison potion
Ardy Ardougne
ASAP As soon as possible
Atk Attack
ATM At the moment

B Barb Barbarian
Baxe Battleaxe
BBL Be back later
B bone Big bone
BBS Be back soon
Brassy Verac’s brassard (Armour)
BRB Be right back
BS Bow strings
B sale Bank sale
BTS Be there soon
BTW By the way

C Calc Calculator
Cammy Camelot
Camo Camouflage items from Drill Sergeant Random Event
Cav Cavalier hat
CB Combat
Chain Chainmail
Choob Joke word for a high level who acts like a noob
Clue Clue scroll
CS Customer support/Clue scroll
Ctrl Control
CW Castle Wars

D D Dragon
D2H Dragon two-handed sword
Dag Dagannoth
D axe Dragon hatchet
D bone Dragon bone
DD Dragon dagger
DD+ Dragon dagger extra poison
DDP Dragon dagger poisoned
DDS Dragon dagger super poison
Def Defence
Dh Dharok
D hide Dragon hide
DIY Do it yourself
DK Dagannoth King
D long Dragon longsword
DM Deathmatch
Drop rate Chance of a monster dropping a specific item
DS Dragon spear
DS+ Dragon spear extra poison
D Scimmy Dragon scimitar
DSP Dragon spear poisoned
DSS Dragon spear super poison
Dusties Dust devils
DW Don’t worry

E Ea Each
Edgy Edgeville
Emote Emotion
Ess Rune essence
Etc Etceteria/et cetera
Exp Experience points

F F2P Non-members (Free to Play)
Fally Falador
FAQ Frequently asked questions
FM Firemaking
FMod Forum moderator
Fremmy Fremennik
Froob Noob so new that they haven’t left Lumbridge
FTW For the win
Full Complete set (e.g. full dragon)
Funning Duelling for fun – rules and no stake
FYI For your information

G G axe Dharok’s great axe
GG Good game
GJ Good job
GL Good luck
Glory Amulet of glory
GMT Greenwich mean time
GP Gold pieces
Gr8 Great
Gr8 ax Dharok’s great axe
Gratz Congratulations
GTG/G2G Got to go

H Hally Halberd
HAM Humans Against Monsters
Hatchet Woodcutting axe
Hax Hack/To cheat (generally used as a joke)
Helm Helmet
Herby Herblore
Hits/HP Hitpoints

I ID Identity/Identify
IDC I don’t care
IDK I don’t know
IMO In my opinion
IRL In real life

J Jad TzTok-Jad
Jagex Java Gaming Experts
JK Just kidding
JMod Jagex moderator

K K Okay or 1000 (e.g. 10k=10000)
KB Knowledge Base (Game Guide)
KBD King Black Dragon
Kite Kite shield
Kk Okay
KQ Kalphite Queen

L L8er Later/See you later
Lag Slow or unreliable internet connection
Large Full helmet
Law Law rune
Legs Platelegs
Lesser Lesser demon
Limps Limpwurt roots
Lob/Lobby Lobster
Lol Laugh out loud
Long Longsword/Longbow
LTNS Long time, no see
Lumby Lumbridge
Lvl Level

M M/Mil Million
M8 Mate
Mage Magician
Magi Magicians
Maul Granite maul or TzHaar maul
Maxed When a stat has reached level 99 (e.g. maxed str)
Max hit Largest amount of damage you can do
Med Medium helmet
Misc Miscellaneous
Mith Mithril
MMORPG Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Mod Moderator
MOM Mysterious Old Man (Random Event)
Mossies Moss giants
Msg Message

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