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I have wanted to make a blog for a long time and always have been nervous. It is kind of overwhelming starting something that seems so big. Deciding what to write about, and if any one would be interested in what you have to say was kind of intimidating, sorta like trying to design a web page.

Overcoming the fear of failing was the first major step in creating a blog. The next hurdle to overcome was what to write about. The most obvious thing I suppose would be something I have knowledge with. I have taken classes in college, read books, magazines, and researched online, photography. With this research I don’t feel like I am a professional but that I have more knowledge than the average person. With this knowledge I figured that writing what I know can help others and at the same time having a blog people would be interested in reading.

So the next step was to find a place that I could put my blog, and doing a search for this would have given me hundreds if not thousands of results. Since I already had an account with Google I decided to stick with them to build my blog as well. With them I am alowed to place my ads on the page and add whatever gadgets to the page I would like. Gadgets consist of tools for news and weather to games these give an extra interest for people to look at.

With the account opened it is time to blog. Basically blogging is an open diary for everyone to read about whatever you want them to read about you, what you know, and what you do. The whole point here is to write about something that is going to be interesting so as you start your blog ask yourself if it is something you would read if it wasn’t about you. Everyone has an interesting story to tell you just need to figure out what it is. As you are blogging you can decide on the frequency of your posts, should it be daily, weekly, or monthly it is up to you.

The final stage is to advertise and get the word out there that you created a blog that people need to read. How do I do this you ask. Well if you belong to social networking sites than post a link, tell all of your friends and ask if they would forward the word along. If you have a presence on any other pages then spread the word and links there as well. If you know people that have there own web pages of some sort ask to trade links this will help both of you out and show higher relevance with search engines. Now hopefully people give you feedback and help you to improve your work, good luck and comment with a link if you decide to blog because of this post. Here is a link to mine come check it out.

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