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Ways You Can Remodel Leftover Food

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Before thinking of throwing away untouched leftover food, do reconsider. Here are a few frugal tips on recycling leftover food. You will eventually save hundreds of dollars every year on food expenses if you follow these tips!


Pound cake or pieces of sponge cake

– Soaked in sweet wine or liqueur or topped with custard or fruit sauce, these can be excellent desserts. You may also crumble them as toppings for ice cream.

Broken cookies

– Crush cookie pieces into coarse crumbs then mix melted chocolate and coconut and for a pie topping.

– Crumbled cookies between ice cream layers gives that surprise “crunch.”  They may also be sprinkled on top of puddings and parfaits.

Leftover Bread

– Combine bread cubes with orange juice and rind to create a savory citrus-bread pudding.

– Almost-stale or day-old bread slices can be slathered with butter or margarine, sprinkled with grated cheese, toasted, and topped with egg.

Cooked Vegetables

– Top with blue cheese or Italian dressing and serve chilled.

– Slice them and use as an added ingredient for omelets and frittatas.

– Preserve the vegetable stock by freezing and use it for making stews, soups and casseroles.

Heavy cream

Heavy cream can be frozen for future in tart fillings, quiches, cream soups and sauces. However, be aware that cream, once frozen, can’t be whipped anymore.


– Freeze unused coffee in ice cube trays. These can be used for iced coffee later. If you prefer blended iced coffee, spin them in the blender mixed with ice cream for a delightful frappe.

– Add some coffee to meat gravies to give a robust flavor.

– Add coffee to cake frostings to achieve a luscious mocha cream taste.

Pieces of Cheeses

– Shred cheese or slice them thinly for use in  tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, salad, chili, or potato toppings.

– Use them as fillings for stuffed fish, poultry, or vegetables.

Flat beer

– Flat beer can be used for simmering pot roasts or other cuts of meat to achieve an excellent taste.

– To add zest to boiled shrimp, use flat beer instead of water.

– Use for making beer batter for clams, fish fillets, and other seafood dishes.

Fresh mushrooms going brown

– Sauté mushrooms with garlic and parsley. Add thyme and wine and use as a sauce for flank steak, pork chops, or chicken.

– Use them to create an antipasto appetizer by marinating mushrooms in vinaigrette dressing.

– Mix the mushrooms into a sherried mushroom soup.


– Perk up bland tomato sauces by adding a little wine.

– Use wine as a marinade to tenderize tough meats.

Egg whites      

Beat egg whites to be used for meringue tarts and for baking crusts. Use them as fillings for fruits or pastries.

Egg yolks       

– Use beaten egg yolks for making custard, pastry cream for eclairs, and cream puffs.

-Beat yolks and mix with confectioners’ sugar and almond paste to create excellent almond macaroons.


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