Stop Dogs From Digging – Uncover These Five Secrets To Prevent Dog Digging

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Let’s face it, while dog digging behavior is completely normal, it’s irritating to see your lawn and garden pockmarked with holes.  All canines have the instinct to dig, although some breeds are more prone to it than others.  Is there anything you can do to stop dogs from digging?

Why Dogs Dig Holes

Before you address the problem, you need to understand why dogs dig in the first place.  There are several reasons for this behavior.  

In the wild, canines had to hunt for their food.  If they couldn’t finish it all off in one sitting, they would bury it so that other animals wouldn’t eat it before they could get back to it.  Even though your canine friend doesn’t have to hunt his own food any more, this instinctive behavior persists even now.

Digging holes is a way your pup provides himself a cool place to escape the summer heat.  If he’s outside in the winter, he’ll dig into the ground or into the snow to provide a snug warm place for himself.  And, of course, wild canines dig dens for themselves and their offspring.

Certain breeds are more inclined to dig holes.  Terriers dig to hunt for rodents and other creatures living in the ground.  Retrievers and hounds are prone to digging, too.  Plan ahead when choosing a dog breed if you want to prevent dog digging problems.

Five Ways To Stop Dogs From Digging

1.Keep your canine buddy occupied.  A dog that’s bored will find ways to amuse himself that won’t amuse you.  Digging holes and excessive barking are two common dog behavior problems caused by boredom.  Lots of exercise will tire him out and use up excess energy.  Giving your pet lots of time and attention, and providing him with toys to play with goes a long way towards preventing dog behavior issues.

2. Provide him with his own digging pit.  It can be as simple as letting him have a corner of the yard to call his own.  When you catch him digging someplace that’s off-limits, redirect him to his own spot.  Praise him when he excavates his own area instead of yours.  

3. Provide shelter for your canine.  He needs a warm, snug doghouse in the winter, and a cool shady area in the summer.  During really hot weather, you may want to provide him with his own wading pool.  Not only will it help keep him cool, but he’ll also enjoy playing in the water.

4. If your pooch is always digging in the garden when you’re not there, set up a sprinkler, and put it on a timer so that it goes off when he doesn’t expect it.  This is effective because he thinks the garden is doing it to him, not you.  Set the timer to come on at a different time each day.  

5. You can discourage him from digging around your shrubs by watering them with a mixture of chili powder and water.  Spraying them with Bitter Apple can help too.  

You Can Prevent Dog Digging

To conclude, this dog behavior problem can often be prevented by thinking ahead and providing your dog with lots of things to do.  Spending at least ten minutes a day training him will keep his mind occupied.  Dogs like to learn new things too, and he’ll enjoy the extra attention from you.


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