Tips for dating older women

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While Dating with older women you have to gain her confidence, faith, show that  you can take responsibilities, matured, understanding, have social security and most important that you adore her. Dating older women you have to keep in mind that you are dating single, divorce, or woman in family troubles, not to a  happily married woman

A strange but true story – Dating older women

Younger, good looking, handsome men are too confident and this over confidence becomes hurdle in their path and they become a buffoon. This story proceeds in serious manner and ends up in a comical style.

 A middle aged happily married woman with children and husband is meeting with a very eccentric, young, handsome looking young man, who is much younger to her at her office one day. Heroine in this story is very ambitious, narcissus, beauty conscious and an impulsive woman.  Since she is very conscious about her health and beauty, she maintains her figure with regular exercise & light food. She is a good looking and considered to be beauty of her office. Strange but true one day she meets a young men at her office.  The moment  the young man sees her couldn’t take his eyes off from her. He than after initial hesitation takes a bold step and gets in a conversation with her. He tries first to flatter her by praising her beauty, describing her how much young she looks. He than without wasting much time invites her to meet her outside her office. Not in his office but some where alone, in some exotic location. Then she informs him that she is married and has three teenaged children, this young man to impress her further, exclaims in surprise! He uses all the tricks he knows to impress her. He even went one step ahead by imploring her to give her mobile number, when she negates him. He pushes his visiting card, with his private mobile number, and further explains her that this mobile number he doesn’t give to public. He explains her that she is someone special to him and whom he likes to spend time. But she does not bulge to his persuasion and politely refuse to give her mobile number.

 Gain Confidence – Dating older women

Dating older women one should remember that, she is not sixteen years teenager who can be easily convinced for dating. Dating older women you require building confidence in you, before you invite her for dating. She should be thoroughly get convinced that you can take care of her. You have good bank balance, socially you have reputation and she will not land in trouble on dating with you.

 Faith and matured – Dating older women

While dating older women, you have to give her enough assurance and faith that you are right for her. Your actions and deeds to be in a matured manner so that she gains faith in you. You should not rush things, since you are dating a matured woman.

So the bottom line is while dating with middle aged or older women you should not be a social embarrassment, simultaneously gain their confidence by acting in a matured way.


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