Tips for keeping pigs as pet

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Pigs are large mammals and many people underestimate the intelligence of these animals and consider them as dirty and nasty animals. These animals are naturally lean but most everyone knows them as fat animals because they are raised to produce meat for food. Pigs are one of the cleanest animals in the world and if you shouldn’t force them they eat only until their stomach is full.

There are different breeds of pigs and while the larger pigs are unusual as pet in Europe and America; all of them are kept as pet in Asian countries and are even important in many religions of these countries for centuries. When people talk about pets they often mean dogs, cats, birds, hamsters or even Guinea pigs but it is unlikely they mean larger types of pigs.

A pig can be a wonderful pet if this animal fits your lifestyle. Pigs are sociable, adaptable, clean and affectionate animals. There are different breeds, for example the potbellied pig, the Guinea pig or some other miniature pigs which makes a good companion for you if you can spend the necessary time for your pet. It is important to inform about their characteristics, their food, health issues and the space they need and you need to be aware about certain diseases which can be transmitted from pigs to humans.

Here are some reasons why you may keep a pig as pet:

* Characteristics

Pigs are social animals, intelligent and curious. These characteristics can cause some problems because they often will try to get out of their disclosure. You can have spent hours to teach them to stay in; they are so clever to find a way to escape. Once they have succeeded to escape they will try again but it can be a pleasure to run after them to catch them.

Pigs needs attention and will bask if you talk to them. It seems they understand what you are saying and they enjoy a scratch behind the ear and even a scrub down with a brush. Don’t beat your pig on the shoulders because your pig will hate such behavior.

* Food and feeding

A pig will almost like any kind of food. Water is essential in the diet of a pig and can be considered as the most important part of their diet. Grain, corn, oats and wheat are other excellent sources for their diet. You need to be careful when you feed them because they can bite you and it is possible you lose one of your fingers.

* Kinds of pigs

There are pigs in all shapes, sizes, colors and different breeds which also have another temperament. It is important to know why you prefer a pig as pet because some of these pigs can become great and there are breeds which can weight more than 200 kg. Even a miniature pig can have a weight between 20 and 50 kg and maybe a Guinea Pig is a better idea for you if you want a small pet.

Pigs are social animals and they prefer to live in group. If you consider buying a pig as pet, it is maybe better to buy more than one. It is also important to pay attention to the sex of pig you want to buy. It is maybe better to buy two of the same sex if you want to prevent to have too many pigs after some time.

* Housing your pig

A pig can be a cute pet but it is not preferable to keep them in your house. The smell of these pets will annoy some family members and maybe you get visitors who are allergic to these animals. You can train them not to urinate in their bedding but is unlikely you can teach them like a dog to go outside to urinate. They will likely go a corner in your house.

Pigs can be wonderful pets if you inform about their habits and your lifestyle fits with the needs of these animals. You need to spend every day the necessary time because they require much attention and there is a possible risk of diseases which can be transmitted. If you can give the necessary patience and love a pig can be the perfect pet for you.


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