Boarding Schools

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Why do parents send there kinds to Boarding Schools?

I am currently at a boarding school, in switzerland and me being a former student in Florida, to a non-boarding school, THIS SCUCKS.

There are few reasons why someone would send there kid to a boarding school:

1. The parents are fed up with the children and they can’t stand them anymore so… they send there kids to a boarding school, but military school could work just as well.

2. The school, is amazing and it would get you into a really good university, (which in some cases doesn’t turn out how you wanted.)

3. The kid wanted to get away from his parents and a boarding school is the way to do it. ( No kid would go to military school by his own will)

4. And last but certainly not least, the kids parents have passed away, and the boarding school is his last resort.

None of these cases are cheerful except for #2. But fortunately for me i have no idea why i am here.  I could think of at least 20 other places id rather be than here, one of them would be the Bahamas, and another one would be a sharks mouth. Never the less, there is one upside to being here, is that get so part of my family i rarely see.

In my case not only do i go to a boarding school, but it is half way across the world from where i used to live…. which SUCKS!

So what im trying to say is don’s send your kids to a boarding school, unless they know whet they’re getting themselves into.


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