How to let the search engines know that you have updated your site or blog?

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You have a website or blog and you are always adding good unique conetnt to it . So you want that content on your blog or website to be indexed quickly and found by search engines easily ? Isn’t this worry of every webmaster?

So how can you do that ?

Is it really possible?

Yes it is possible .

The best way to do this is by pinging your blog or website .

This can be done manuallly or automatically.

Best part is this pinging services are free and everyone can easily use them to let search engines know that you have updated your blog or website.

There are free services for pinging like pingomatic,pingoat etc.

There you can do it by submitting the url of the updated blog or site and choosing various search engines and directories to send the ping too..

If you are lazy doing it manually you have a good news that pinging can be done automatically now. You just need to put a code on your blog or site and you are done. Everytime you update your blog your ping will be send autimatically with this.

Advantages of pinging is it drastically increases the speed of your content getting indexed .I have seen my site getting indexed for the updated content withing just few minutes.

For those using blogger or blogspot for running there blogs , blogger /blogspot have provided this facility for free and automatic pings are sent . What you need to do is just log in your account , go to settings tab and adjust notify weblogs to Yes and you are done.

This not only helps get your site indexed quickly but also starts getting traffic immediately -all natural from search engines and directories!

There are many more ways which i will be covering daily . Just keep checking articles i post everyday to  make more from it and learn all secrets!


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