Baby Shower Games

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Baby Shower Games

Planning a baby shower for someone?  It is always fun to play a couple of games and give a couple of prizes out at bridal showers, especially the smaller more personal ones given at people’s homes.  

Here are a few simple suggestions for games that you may or may not have heard of before:

Oops You Said Baby

When guests arrive give them a diaper pin, a clothes pin, a large rubber band, a friendship bracelet or a hair tie that will fit comfortably around their wrist, or anything that they can put on that everyone can see.  Could even be pink and blue ribbons with pins on them to pin on.

When you give them what ever item you are choosing to hand out explain to them once and only once that they are not to say the word baby (or any other word you choose that someone might be tempted to say), if they say the word baby the person who gets them to say it or catches them saying it first gets to take away their item.  If it is said out loud during a group discussion and everyone hears it, the first person to scream, “Caught You!” get’s their item.  Hostess should keep a couple extras of the item in case ties.  If two people scream it out at the exact same time the hostess can give one of them an extra item while the other person takes the person who said the word’s item.

If the group is very small you can give each person two or three items to start with. 

Towards the end of the party announce that it is time to count up the items. Have each person count up the items they have collected.  The person who has collected the most items is the winner and wins the prize.

What is That Powder?

This game is based on baby powder.  

Fill zip loc sandwich bags with things that are powdery and white.  You can use things such as:

Baby powder

Talcum powder

Foot powder

Baking soda

Baking powder


Powdered Milk

Powdered baby formula

Powdered sugar

Soy flour

Do not use anything that might have poison substances in it.

About ¼ of a cup each is sufficient.

Tape a number on to each bag. 

Then give each person a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper.  Have them number the sheet of paper for how many baggies there are.  Make sure you have a list of what item is in what baggie but don’t let any one see it.   

Make sure the baggies are sealed tight. 

If you have 10 baggies hand each of the first 10 guests closest to you one baggie. Tell them they may not open the baggie.  They must look at and feel the baggie and can even sniff it but they can not open it.  Give them 30 seconds to examine the baggie and write their answer down then they must pass the baggie to the person to the right or left of them which ever you decide.  Another 30 seconds are given and once again the bags are passed.

This pattern continues until all guests have gotten to examine all of the bags. 

Then read off the correct answers for everyone and have them check off their incorrect answers.  The one who has guessed the most powdery substances correctly wins the prize.  You may have a tie for this one so either have an extra prize ready or create a tie breaker bag. 

In the tie breaker bag place four different powders in the bag. The people who tied need to guess what four items are mixed up in that baggie.  The one who guesses them all correctly or guesses the most wins the prize.


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