Picking a Renaissance Character to play

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Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire?  They are located all over the country and some are even in Europe.  It’s a time when actors, musicians, artisans and craftsmen get together in costume and put on funny accents.  (Yes, sometimes even us New Englanders). 

If you are looking to get involved in volunteering or performing for the first time, then these things that you should know.

1) Trip to the Privies – Porto (portable) potties are your friend.  (Usually, this is your only way of relieving oneself), but they are called the Privies in most Renaissance Faires

2) You must deal with the weather, whatever it is (Rain or shine)

3) Get a costume (a well made one at that), they call it Garb.  For women use dresses (I know, unless you are a pirate, you can wear pantaloons) and blousy shirts or shamise with long over dress.  For men there are also a few choices, but choose one that will go with your character.  If you choose a pirate, go pirate.  Whatever you do, unless you are playing a royal (Queen, Princess, King, Prince, etc…) please do not wear royal colors (this is considered royal).  You will most likely have more fun dressing up in rags, so you can make fun of the royalty.  (Er, but do bow when you see the Queen or King).  Do remember to wear comfortable shoes/boots but NOT sneakers (please!)

4) Learn how to bow/curtsy to the King and Queen, and say out loud very loudly “Long live the Queen/King”

5) Learn at least one song.  Good favorite of all faires is “Wilde Mountain Time”

6) Learn the language (Read Shakespeare – oh won’t your English Teacher be proud of you now), Rent a movie (Princess Bride is a classic)

7) & most of all have fun!


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