Treat One Dollar Like You Would One Million!

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Happiness is truly yours forever when you believe in the little things in life. A child’s smile, the beauty of a sunrise, the story of a person overcome the odds are things to get truly excited about. Even a single dollar! Remember the time when you were a child and that dollar made all the difference to you. It’s worth a million.

Nearly everybody wants to be rich or richer than they are. And some even postpone their happiness till they become ‘rich’. But the real deal is right now, the real riches lie in what we can give now, not what we can take from this world.

Granted you might feel happy if you have amassed enough money to send one of your children to a prestigious institution to study, but if you ask your child why they think you love them, they will often tell you something simple you did that made them feel happy and loved-like the time you made it to their school concert. Reach out to people in love, kindness, sincerity, compassion, friendship, care, faithfulness and the world will seem a richer place. Real joy is often not purchased with money

If you catch yourself surfing the internet for a dream money making opportunity that’s a sign that you have not built happiness from the relationships you have, including the one with your boss! Exploring and making plans for that aspect of yourself is more important that your plans to become richer than you are. Don’t deny yourself the ultimate riches of happiness.


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