How to generate more revenue from Bukisa?

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Want to generate more revenue from bukisa? Need help on how to make more money from bukisa writing articles? Then here are tips for you.

Lets cover up the plan to make it possible.

Bukisa pays per impression

Bukisa has an index that decides the rate of every 1000 impressions which is calculated by the revenue generated from the google adsense and other advertising that it sells on the pages and all over website.

So now here are ways to generate more revenue from Bukisa ..

1] Writing unique articles

This really helps get indexed by the search engines easy and ge more traffic

and more traffic means more cash.

2] Write more articles each day

Currently bukisa has a limit of 25 articles each day which is more than good. Just imagine you adding 25 articles each day . It would be 750 articles a month and 9000 articles a year that means after a year even if you get 1 view each day of the each and every article you would get 9000 vies a day making you 9000* bukisa index which is 3.42 currently . A current rate it would be $ 30 a day .

3]Be consistent

Be consistent and as we see with current rate by the end of the year we would be making $30 a day with a single impression of the every article. Consistency always pays.

4] Social networking

This will start driving more traffic to your articles and you will get some very interested followers following your articles evey day increasing daily impressions and more cash.

5] Refer to earn more

Share this site with your friends , relatives . Post on your site and blogs and gain more referrals which means mpre cash to you!

So start now!


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