How to Determine, "Does a Red Mole Mean Cancer?"

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Does a red mole mean cancer? This is a question many people ask at some point in their life. Most are used to seeing brown or black spots, not rosy colored ones. It seems strange. In fact, most red moles are harmless, but you must know how to spot the dangerous ones for your own safety. You ask, “Does a red mole mean cancer”, and this article will answer that question.

Look at the size and shape of your growth. Many people who want to know, “Does a red mole mean cancer”, have looked at their own imperfection thousands of times. If it is over 6 millimeters in diameter or if it has a funny shape, other than simply round, you need to see a dermatologist.

Feel the top of the growth. Does a red mole mean cancer? Well, not if it feels smooth and symmetrical on it’s surface.

Think about your family medical history. Is there a history of skin cancer? Although many forms are not hereditary, melanoma can be. If you are unsure, ask your relatives if they know any more information.

Look at your older relatives for red moles. Chances are, you’re not the only one who’s ever though, “Does a red mole mean cancer”. Your mother, father, and grandparents may have the same spots. If they do, and their spots are harmless, yours probably are too.

If you have any doubt in your mind, it’s always best to see a dermatologist about potentially cancerous red moles.


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