How To Save Money When Shopping

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Here are some of my suggestions on how to save money when shopping:

1.       Make use of coupons  or  shop during 3-day sale. Coupons are usually inserted in newspapers or in pamphlets distributed inside the department store. What’s great about this is that, discounted products can still have deductions if you have these coupons. In other countries , on the other hand,  stores have a 3-day sale usually on a weekends near payday… that is, every 2nd  and last week of the month.Discount cards are also used in some establishments.

2.       Shop at outlet stores.

3        Make a shopping list first before going to the grocery or department store. In that way, you’ll be able to prioritize what you really need.

4        If you have time, do window shopping first before purchasing something. For example, if you want a pair of leather flats, it would be better to check out different stores first so that you’ll get a good deal.

5        Look at special offers when shopping for some groceries. Some stores usually have a designated area where all their products on sale or with promos are placed.

6        Buy in bulk when grocery shopping.

7.       Eat at home before going to the grocery or department store so that you won’t be able to spend money on food.

8.        Lastly, if you can help it, leave your credit card at home so that you’ll not be able to have unplanned purchases.


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