Job Travel and Credit Card Usage

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The first option may be to carry an American Express Card, because it’s not a “credit card”, it is a charge card.

Therefore, you are required to pay the balance in full each month. This may be a good option if you need to use credit cards.

Now a word of caution here about American Express. There are several types of cards American Express offers – blue, optima, gold and platinum – they usually give lines of CREDIT.

This is something you don’t want. Remember, credit is usually disguised as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you enjoy the convenience or safety of not carrying cash, consider getting a “Debit Card” which works like a MasterCard or Visa, but with one major difference.

It actually deducts the money immediately at the time of purchase, so the money is directly withdrawn from your checking account.

A lot of these cards are tied to your ATM card, so now, when you decide to make a purchase, you will be using “real” money for your purchase as opposed to using credit.

Helping Others

One of the major benefits of living a debt-free lifestyle is the ability to help other people who may really need it.

It may be your elderly parents, siblings, children, relatives or a close friend. You now have the resources to help them.

Although you may be excited about your new financial life, don’t be too surprised if others don’t embrace it.

Think back to how you treated debt. A funny thing about debt is, you don’t realize how much of a burden it was until you finally are out from under it.


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