Love and Life

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Don’t know why, but love is said to be the most beautiful thing created by God. When you are in love, may be it will make you feel like you are in heaven, or the other time, you may just regret your life.

The same thing happened with me. When I was in 11th Grade, I had a crush on one of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her name was Priya. Fortunately she was my classmate. I tried to mingle with her, just in order to increase friendship. As I was good in studies and good looking too, it didn’t took me much time to get closer to her.

Slowly-slowly we started having studies together after school, and I use to solve all her queries and problem related to studies. In a month or two we also begin dating outside, and often use to go for movies and dinner outside. I really wasn’t aware when my crush turned into true love, and that feeling of love was rising in me day by day.

On the other hand, I wasn’t sure, if she also, had anything for me or not. Her smile, use to sometimes speak all about her interest in me, but still! Finally, on one good day I proposed with a red Rose in my hand, and just like 8th wonder of the world to me, she said yes at once. All was well till school, and the same continued during graduation also.

While we were in the last month of graduation, an incidence occurred, where I caught her dating with another guy. I was really shocked with the incidence. I couldn’t understand why and what is going on. She didn’t know that I was aware of her affair with other guy. Still I frankly asked her about if she had any other guy in her life, other then me? And to the limit of height, she frankly accepted it without any hesitation.

Just imagine, what kind of feelings and situation I was going through. Lots and lots of questions were coming up in my mind. Still I didn’t feel like interrogating her about anything. I just asked one question to her. “Are you happy with him?” She replied “Yes”. I just made a quit from their without saying anything else to her.

I was so depressed that couldn’t even pay attention towards my studies also. My final exams were just next month. I didn’t feel like going to University even. Being the best student of the class, absent for 5 days continuously, I got a Call from my Professor. I don’t know how, but he was aware of the matter, and he just asked me to meet him.

I use to respect him a lot, so agreed to meet him. He just said me one life, “Betrayal in love, effects our life, it feels like depression, but is like coward ness to live the life”. This line seems to be a single one, but means a lot to me. I really didn’t want to lead a life of coward. I said to myself, if Love is said to be the best thing created by God, how can I prove it to be the worst one. If I stop fighting I’ll be doing the same.

So I just started attending classes from the very next day, and tried my best to pay full attention towards my studies. Still, whenever I use to see her in University, I use to think of her only, and it use to take me hours to come out of it. But finally I wrote my papers very well, and became a Graduate with 1st position in my University.


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