Global wars

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Everyone is aware that there are conflicts raging on every continent on earth. Some are local, mainly parochial, that are generally confined to a limited location; others involve entire countries and effect major populations. Never before in the history of mankind have we been plagued with such a plethora of despots, misguided fanaticism, orchestrated mayhem self aggrandisement, and a desire for power and riches. The United nations – that once touted arbitrator, destined to solve all conflicts as they arose has failed miserably because of lack of funds and lack of will; sabotaged at every turn by those with vested interest and personal agendas.

There can be absolutely no doubt that 90% of all evil is perpetuated by, or on behalf of the powerfully rich and influential; those whom no government has either the power or the will to curb. We attempt to tackle these conflicts after they are well established – tackling the effects and not the causes, as is always the case. Many of the participants in these conflicts have been trained by major powers; namely America, Russia and the Chinese who have supplied various groups with a plethora of weaponry in order to encourage and incite them to fight battles on their behalf. Many of the insurgent groups operating around the world have been, and many still are being, supplied and resupplied by governments in order to prosecute their own aims.

A quick search on the internet will show you the depth and range of various government’s perfidy. Some examples are as follows:-   “French armament suppliers won export contracts worth EUR4.1 billion in 2005 and appear likely to do even better this year…. the figure for 2005 was nearly 20% higher than in 2004…”

“The trading in arms and its impact on social conditions… this trade is responsible for the debt crisis which so many Third World countries are facing … it helps dictators and military elites to oppress their own citizens…. the constant and abundant supply of arms results in prolonged wars and creates streams of refugees.. ”

“It is estimated that yearly, over 900 billion dollars are spent on arms. Almost every industrialised country in the world has a domestic arms industry .. illegal trade in arms is prevalent in many countries …”.   Et al!

America supplied arms to the Caliban in Afghanistan and Iraq and many other conflicts. The French, British, Russians, Chinese, Poles and many other nations have cashed in on the prolonged agony of those in numerous wars; often supplying both sides of the same conflict. It is obvious that even though weapons from various conflicts are freely available throughout the world, they would be useless without the constant replenishing of ammunition. Armament manufacturers are among the richest people in the world; they are also the most despicable, immoral, selfish and heartless; and they are virtually untouchable. It would indeed be brave politicians who campaigned against them because they would be attacked on all sides by a well orchestrated tirade of justification, misinformation and even threats and personal danger.

These manufacturers, like high tech polluters are the modern scourge, a blight on mankind. They are indifferent to the terrible pain that they cause, as are indeed the tobacco manufacturers. I find it difficult to believe that knowing the harm that they cause they can remain totally indifferent.   How do you stop them? I wish I knew.


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