Capitalize on Money You Formerly Wasted

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Now you can see what that same money, once rerouted, can do for you and your family.
If you actually take the time to look at some of your credit card statements, those finance charges can actually make you quite angry.

For instance, a man once had a credit card balance of $6545. The monthly minimum payment was $139.00 a month.

Not a small payment by any means, yet it was only the minimum due.
Although he had not used the card in over 2 years, the finance charges for this account was $127.33 a month. This amount would make him so angry, yet I know that It didn’t have the money to pay the debt in full.

I bet there are hundreds, even thousands of people in the same situation, but the good news is, you now have an answer on how to get out of debt.

When I started to investigate getting out of debt, I did what many well-meaning individuals do – get a consolidation loan.

Well – like those before me, I got a consolidation loan, paid off all the debt and had one monthly payment.

But as you know, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Without the discipline and new behavior in place, I quickly ran up my credit cards again.The only difference was now, I still had a large consolidation loan to repay monthly in addition to my new credit card debt.

So you can see from my example, the only way to truly get out of debt is to make a commitment to be debt-free and modify your spending habits. You have to know why you got into debt in the first place.

Was it paying for vacations on credit?
Or maybe buying a brand new car you really couldn’t afford on a 66 month loan –
that’s 5 ½ years now for the average length of time for loans with the average payment being over $400.

Are you aware that most people don’t realize they are in debt?

Most people will casually reply that they only have a mortgage, a car payment, and 1 or 2 credit cards, which they pay off at the end of the month.

As normal as that may seem, that’s called being in debt. And that’s how today’s society operates.

We rationalize it by saying that everyone has a mortgage, car payments and credit card.
Nearly everyone you know has some form of debt. Unfortunately, that’s considered ‘normal.’

If you’re going to get out of credit card debt, you have to face up to the fact that you will be, “abnormal” and may even have to defend your position to family and friends.


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