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Over the course of the subsequent few lines I want to take you on a journey of discovery, one that can hopefully change your life or at the least give you the energy to look somewhat deeper into it. For this journey to begin we should at first take a step, not quite a large leap for mankind but a leap of religion nevertheless. Till you’ve taken this step your journey can not begin. Do you believe in a artistic force that guides and shapes your life? The nature and essence of this pressure at this current stage is irrelevant, it’s the belief that matters. With out this belief the journey ends in darkness for that information is a candle and from it you get light. That’s proper I am talking about enlightenment. So this mild then, what precisely is it? Mainly, to put it in a nutshell it is data, it’s what your mind feeds on and from it will get its strength. Now this knowledge comes over in three strengths, wisdom, religious knowledge and loving non secular knowledge or to put it one other approach knowledge, data of the divine and divine knowledge. The difference between divine data and data of the divine will likely be discussed at a later time but at current in the event you consider knowledge of the divine as knowledge of God’s nature and divine knowledge as knowledge of God’s essence you will not be too far of track. Without this mild you reside in darkness and are blind to your true function in life, with this gentle you understand reality in another way for it alters your state of mind. So I guess it must be time for some of this mild I have mentioned. What truly is reality?

Reality is a frame of mind built on imagination.

Every part round you has been imagined. It has all been designed and so it had to be imagined first. Some by man, the remaining has been designed by nature by the medium of evolution. That’s the actuality of matter however there may be also another actuality, the fact of mind. Your perceptions of actuality can differ with the emotional temper you are in,in the normal living of life and on one other level your notion of life’s conditions in accordance with your imagined truth. In case you understand a situation in a certain mild you behave in a certain method, imagination builds that frame of mind so it’s a very potent force. It also works on one other stage, your imagination of the massive picture. The way you understand what’s past reality effects the way you run your life. When you perceive darkness or death then you definately lifestyle will be fairly materialistic, as a rule of thumb as a result of there are all the time exceptions, but generally speaking you would be more concerned with taking care of your self in previous age and making the most of the brief time you’ve got got. With light nevertheless you imagine that a physical loss of life doesn’t mean a mental demise, you do not die you just solid of a shell. Hand in hand with this is a belief in a purpose to life. Whether it is to get to Heaven or have a better new life charitable intent is a primary a part of both doctrines.

Having established that you stay on the subsequent stage of enlightenment is to seek out out what you are. I’ve not mentioned who you are as your identification modifications with each lifetime. I have said what for you are searching for your essence. To get to your essence takes another step, or leap of faith. That is the perception in reincarnation and here we come to a hurdle for the light has veered off in two directions. Heaven and Hell or reincarnation. One negates the other for with eternal life in Heaven you only get one life on Earth and with reincarnation you may have many. A bit of conflict however with a bit understanding it can be quickly resolved. Up till the fifth century some of the early Christian group believed in reincarnation. After they dropped the belief they took out all the related particulars from the teachings although traces remain. St. Mathew’s Gospel, chapter six, talks of a Father in Heaven for everybody in a higher self kind of function and Revelations talks of Jesus coming again beneath a brand new name. Very lateral I will admit however the perception was well documented anyway so examples aren’t really necessary. The reasons for this transformation in route are unclear to me but no matter they have been they were a backward step for they diminished the idea within the soul and enhanced the ego’s importance. Individuals who consider in Heaven and Hell consider that their ego’s birth was additionally theirs. They consider that their life started with their start when in precise reality their life was simply another carnation of their soul. This belief diminishes the soul’s significance and thus the idea in it. The soul comes back repeatedly for like nature it has to evolve to its purpose. The aim will probably be revealed at a later stage but at this stage I would simply say that you are in essence; an evolving soul on the path of life.

Having established that you’re an evolving soul on the path of life the next move to enlightenment is to try and find the which means of life so you may know what it’s all about.

Time is to us as motive must be.

This mainly signifies that we’d like time to evolve to our objective and so that was why it was created. The lengthy hand reply is purification of the soul and expansion of the spiritual consciousness to attain our goal and be at one with the universe, our goal being our divinity and the universe our balance. I will take it aside so hopefully you should have more understanding. First, purification of the soul. The soul of an unenlightened particular person is clouded in darkness and on this darkness there are character flaws. These character flaws are additionally known as demons and as recognition is their downfall I had higher list them. The primary one is delight personified by Lucifer, then sloth, Belphegor. gluttony, Beelzebub. envy, Leviathon.avarice, Mammon, lechery, Asmodus and at last anger and Satan. Once you recognise them you bring them into the light and so they lose their energy over you. When you know you might be indignant you are no longer indignant kind of thing. Once purified these demons become arch angels and the sins virtues. Satisfaction becomes humility personified by Gabriel; sloth turns into fortitude personified by Raphael, gluttony temperance personified by Michael, envy hope personified by Uriel, avarice charity personified by Japhiel, lechery faith personified by Zadkiel and anger endurance personified by Samael. With these inside your soul turns into pure as with your nature in your soul transforms it. Hand in hand with this transformation your spiritual consciousness expands for you evolve on two levels, spirit and self. This is performed by means of light and principally you grow to be extra aware of the non secular world round you, which some name the dominion of heaven. Non secular wisdom is the type of light for the spirit expands with information of the divine. Now having requested you for 2 leaps of faith it embarrasses’ me to must ask you for a sacrifice. The evolution of each spirit and self is tremendously accelerated with the use of a mantra. This mantra have to be stated seven instances in the morning and 7 at night. It helps remodel your bodily will into your spiritual will by cleaning you of your materials desire. It goes ‘ I give up my will to the higher will, the will of the divine, I will to will thy will’. So to place it in a nutshell your material need is your ego and it has to be distributed with earlier than you may get hold of your function, which is to love. With every self much less act you do whether or not donate to charity do charitable work and even simply open the door for someone for it is the thought that counts, your soul gets stronger and your ego diminishes. So with the sunshine of religious knowledge the ability of the mantra and love, a selfless act you evolve towards your God head. Now your goal is your divinity and contrary to popular belief your function is to serve and to not be served… You had been created to tend the earth on one degree and convey tenderness to it on one other level. Whenever you serve, or put someone earlier than yourself you generate an act of affection and so activate the law of affection which is that you need to give with a purpose to receive. From this activation you obtain the Holy Spirit or are remodeled by gentle depending on your doctrine and thus your soul grows in strength. Without an ego you might be additionally extra balanced and so are at one with the universe. I had better elaborate on that a little bit extra for it additionally has a deeper meaning. Within every man there’s a universe and balancing it means balancing the elements. I have used the western version of earth, air, water and fireplace for this to make it easier. Earth is symbolic of the soul, air the spirit or higher self; water is symbolic of the mind and hearth the imagination. Water and hearth make steam, the physical will and fifth element. Now water may be very much like the mind, it goes far and wide and retains to at least one level, if its shallow it tends to be fairly muddy or clouded by earthly things but I digress. Hearth purifies the water by eliminating the dust but it surely additionally turns it into steam. To place it one other manner water is knowledge and hearth is the understanding of knowledge in a spiritual sense. Collectively they make non secular wisdom or air. The physical will evolves in the direction of the non secular so disappearing into thoughtlessness and the self evolves to the soul so that you lose your self consciousness. When this happens you might be in stability for a purified soul is principally in essence a will of light, as above then so below. So a fast recap then. You might be here to achieve your God head so it’s possible you’ll actually have a tendency the earth. Once the soul has evolved or achieved its God head it turns into an enlightened soul with a purpose to serve. God.

Revelations tells us that there are seven spirits that go to make God. That’s the wisdom now here is the understanding. The primary one is the spirit of life as symbolised by the outstretched hand of God shooting a lightening bolt into the hand of man. I am afraid I do not know the title of the portray so I can not provde the knowledge solely the understanding. Now the second spirit is the spirit of affection, the part of God that is within us all, our artistic force. The third is the spirit of discernment when man knew good from evil and became like Gods. The fourth spirit is the spirit of wisdom your physical will and the fifth your imagination, the spirit of understanding. Mainly wisdom is what you already know in the sense of figuring out the name of the portray and this expands your mind and understanding is what it actually stands for. Together these make the sixth spirit; the spirit of knowing so if I knew the identify of the painting and understood what it meant it could strengthen this spirit. Now spirit seven is the lord God, the culmination of the mergance of the other six. The spirit of function and as it’s the lord God it’s the objective that you just serve. The seven spirits by the way tie in with the virtues and sins to make triads. These are the chakras so I guess I had better elaborate, the sins are the unfavorable forces; the virtues are the constructive and the spirits the neutrals.

Satisfaction humility purpose.
Envy hope knowing.
Sloth fortitude wisdom.
Lechery religion understanding.
Avarice charity insight.
Anger endurance love.
Gluttony temperance life.
Blinding is not it?

Now the next move to enlightenment is to find out how many steps there actually are. We call these the levels of understanding and there are ten of them. On the first step we see the mergance of;two of the spirits. These are the spirits of life and love, a being with the flexibility to create new life, flora and fundamental fauna. On the second level we meet the spirit of understanding which at this low stage comes over as instinct, so it is a being controlled by its instinct, an animal. The third level brings us discernment; we all know good from evil and might think for ourselves. In hand with that is the spirit of wisdom. We now have each thought and reminiscence and our evolution carries on, on two levels. Degree five is the journey we must undergo to purify our souls and develop in wisdom and understanding till we are pure enough to succeed in level six. That is the mergance of the spirits of knowledge and understanding and it happens when you might have an out of body expertise in your sleep. Stage seven is when your outdated will dies and is spiritually reborn which is accompanied by stage eight whenever you appear to know all things spiritually. You at the moment are an enlightened soul you just need a objective to serve. Stage 9, the spirit of purpose and a triad to select from, love anger or pride. This alternative is predicated on what you think about God to be, the lord God that’s for that’s the aim that you serve. You might choose a God of anger, fire and brimstone kind of thing. You look all over the world today and it fills you full of righteous indignation. You might select a God of pleasure and thus serve in a self interested approach otherwise you might select a God of affection and then transfer on to the next stage for that was the appropriate option to make. Earlier than we transfer onto level ten I had better elaborate a bit of more to attempt to provide you with a much bigger picture. When you think of the triad as a three headed canine you won’t be far wrong. I’ve used a dog for it has been conditioned to serve man for the purpose you serve also serves you through the medium of fate. If you find yourself serving your purpose things typically speaking go your way. I say usually talking for fate solely creates the situations. I had better give you an example of this so you may see the place I’m coming from.

In case you have wrote a e-book a scenario may arise that you just meet somebody who can assist to get it published. Perhaps some one who is aware of a publisher or is a publisher themselves.It is their free will as to whether they act favourably though so it’s not a forgone conclusion. If they don’t, do not dishearten though for one more state of affairs will come along. If it is destined to be then it will happen. Speaking of destiny, it is usually there to uphold spiritual legal guidelines, six to be precise. I’ve mentioned the law of love earlier so subsequent we have now the law of humility, when you take more than you need somebody has to go without. You possibly can see the outcomes all around you so it doesn’t need elaboration. A 3rd law is the regulation of equality and that says that everyone is equal in the eyes of the lord. All of us have this potential for growth inside us, we’re all evolving souls on the trail of life, we’re all equal for we are all of the same. The regulation of penalties next, the consequences of one lifetime going into the subsequent and the law of poetic justice next. What you sow so shall you reap and normally in quite an ironic manner for the only factor depraved about God is his sense of humour. This is basically the regulation of penalties in one lifetime. All these 5 legal guidelines are put in place to attempt to create stability included as a complete in the sixth regulation, creation regulates itself. And how does this slot in with love, anger and delight? What you sow so shall you reap. If your God is a harmful God you will live a fairly austere life, personnel tragedies whatever their scale would be seen as punishments for imagined transgressions. If your God is anger you may be fuelled by anger, over riding common sense your notion of divine retribution making you its Nemesis thus producing destruction. What’s one life as compared with the word? Perhaps the transgressions were not imagined then. A God of delight would give you a very prosperous way of life breaking the legislation of humility. Fuelled by satisfaction you’d assume you’d deserved it for progress made and besides you need greater than others for you lead a extra subtle lifestyle being more intelligent thus breaking the regulation of equality. Destiny would be in opposition to you however you’d blame any misfortune on different people less enlightened than you so never get the message. A God of love would offer you a balanced lifestyle. Some would possibly think about it austere although you would not for earthly want wouldn’t be a priority. A desire for gentle and a longing to serve others could be your recompense. So three decisions with one thing in widespread, love. And their relationship to each other, anger comes from righteous indignation or spurned love, delight from self love or misguided love and love straight from the supply, divine light.

Level ten then, divine gentle or loving religious wisdom. Gentle at its purest and a deeper understanding of the word. Every letter becomes one other phrase and so the word turns into a phrase. On this case ‘the phrase’ stands for ‘non secular knowledge through love seeing realizing transformation’ or to place it another method the realizing transformation is the transformation of wisdom and love in this sense is understanding.

So you get spiritual wisdom by means of understanding wisdom and this wisdom has one other identify, it’s called the word and there you will have it a deeper which means of ‘the word’.

And the way do you get to this deeper understanding? You do it by way of the Hebrew alphabet. Every letter also has a symbol as a meaning. Aleph has an English equal of an ‘a’ with the image of an ox. The ox is symbolic of God. Beth ‘b’ with a house symbolic of self and so forth. A number of the symbols are covered by two letters, hand symbolising blessed has each ‘I’ and ‘y’ as does camel symbolic of will with ‘c’ and ‘g’. Earlier than I’m going any further into the alphabet I had better elaborate extra about God’s essence and nature. Consider the grail for it’s now inside your grasp. The grail was made with a function in mind, with out that function it could not exist. It was made with a purpose and that was to serve. In essence it was made out of gold or spirituality and its nature was certainly one of service or to place it another manner an enlightened soul with a objective to serve. Now the grail written out as a phrase says will knowing God blessed with God’s purpose which doesn’t take much imagination to work out.

So back to the alphabet then, I gives you it out in lengthy type after which show you easy methods to perceive it. I have used the fashionable alphabet for we’ve got to maneuver with the times. By the way the trendy equivalent of the grail can be the Hoover for it’s each a noun and a verb saying that its essence and its nature are the same. I’ve changed G, H and I round so will and spirit turn into non secular will after blessing and t and u so knowledge and love turn into loving wisdom.

The alphabet.

God’s self- will reworked by means of the phrase (blessed with non secular will) blessed with work God’s purpose lives (gentle seeing the phrase) soul knows understanding loving wisdom (love) loving insight blesses mind.

To refine it you have to take off the supplements For example blessed with spiritual will, once done it reads.

God’s self-will remodeled via the word. Blessed with work God’s objective lives.

Soul knows- understanding loving wisdom loving perception blesses mind.

Or to place it one other manner the desire is reworked via spiritual wisdom, God’s purpose comes to life once you activate it via a selfless act and by understanding spiritual wisdom you get perception into what God really is. I have bracketed blessed with religious will for that is each the evolution and consequence of the transformation, I’ve additionally bracketed light seeing the word for mild in this case is knowledge of God’s goal which you get from non secular wisdom. The final bracket is love, which comes after loving religious knowledge for that’s what loving spiritual wisdom is, pure love.


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