How to Avoid Debts

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Take the following few advices to avoid debts:

– If you have credit card debts, which is in most
cases the biggest source and the most serious of
debts accumulation especially for students and newly
graduates people, you must pay off as quickly as
possible to avoid long term debts. Take this advice
seriously, because ignoring or delaying any payment
can become a nightmare and eat you alive.

– ALWAYS check the interest rate. You must ASK first,
you must receive clarifications before choosing a
credit card. Always assume that you have the lowest
interest rates.

– Having multiple cards is like owning multiple
weapons and you will risk injuring yourself. Keep
one or maximum two credit cards with you. This way
you can handle your debts easily

– Educate yourself on how credit cards calculate
interest. Then, check the interest rate on your
credit cards.

– Know what you want to pay! Never use your card for
something you cannot pay for with cash. When you
have a checking account and have a debit card, use
it. This card is very useful for small items rather
then even paying interest for small items. Credit
cards make paying money easy. They also make going
into debt easy.

– Always have a plan to pay back your debts. If you
need to buy something, think first “how can I pay it


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