Acne Treatment OF Stone That Makes You Agitation

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Tips To Overcoming Acne Stone

Overcome a stubborn cystic acne is not easy. Besides the disturbing appearance, lush body acne on the face of stone also makes a person is not confident. They are trying hard to cope with cystic acne. Acne is a big problem for men and women is because the pores of the skin clogged, causing inflammation. There are several causes of acne on the face, such as a dirty face, the excess oil on the face, the body’s hormonal changes, stress, genetic factors, and the use of birth control pills. One type of acne that is recalcitrant cystic acne. So, how to cope with cystic acne?

Preventing and Overcoming Acne Stone

Cope with cystic acne takes time for these types of acne including acne types with high levels of inflammation. This type of acne size large and gathered in the face. Causes of cystic acne there are various kinds, such as excessive oil production that is produced by oil glands; abnormal regeneration of the skin so that skin cells can not switch off properly; the excessive inflammation that can leave scars on the skin so it is difficult to omitted. To address the causes of cystic acne as mentioned above, first and foremost thing is to keep the face clean, whether at home, after using cosmetics, and at night before bed. So that prevention can be done to overcome the cystic acne.

Overcoming Acne Treatments For Stone

Cope with cystic acne can be done by consulting a doctor. The doctor will analyze your skin type so that the treatment for cystic acne is becoming increasingly effective. With the prescription given by a physician, you can treat and eliminate acne from your face rock. However, if you want to deal with acne stone in the traditional way that is easy and cheap, you can do it at home. The ingredients were easy to obtain. One way to deal with cystic acne is to use a tomato. Tomatoes can be used as a mask on his face after destroyed. Let stand about 10-15 minutes to extract the starch absorbs into the skin. Savor tomato mask may smooth the skin. In addition, you also can address the cystic acne by using a cucumber. After the grated cucumber, use a mask and let sit for 20-25 minutes. In addition to tomatoes and cucumbers, you can also use lemon juice for acne stones. Take one tablespoon of lime juice and apply on the recalcitrant cystic acne. Do it repeatedly until it broke acne. Though, cheap, tomato, cucumber and lemon juice well known also to cope with cystic acne.


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