Dull Face And Best Solution For You TO Keep Health

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FACE CARE about dull and handling are correct, that yesterday in the second factor that acts as the primary cause FACE looks dull, this time we will discuss FACTOR others and is the last factor and dull FACE SOLUTION itself.

After we passed Phase Stress and Lifestyle Factors of Unhealthy like FOOD, SLEEP PATTERNS & quality etc.. There is now a factor that certainly not less important is the SUN FACTOR.

Why the Sun …. Whats Wrong With The Sun?? ….. WHEN THE SUN IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE, without the sun and all human beings and animals that grow and live nature can not survive.

As We Know the Sun Many contain VIT D and K for our health, no doubt in the morning sun is proven to cure many diseases and are very healthy, the Sun play a role for photosynthesis in plants. In addition, the sun also acts to stimulate the body to produce vitamin D, which serves to metabolize calcium, thus forming strong bones THEN? why the SUN became dull skin FACTOR?

Dull skin caused by increased work tyronase enzymes to produce melanin, is known in the afternoon sun can increase the enzymes work to produce excess melanin so your skin will appear to look dull and even could have been exposed to the effects of sunburn (Skin Burns). Excessive sun rays can cause skin damage, it can even cause SKIN CANCER. Human skin is the outermost part of the body. With a surface area of ​​skin between approximately 1.6 square meters for a woman to 1.8 square meters for a man, make your skin and organs most widespread in the human body. However, the skin can be damaged, especially as the sun.

Sunlight, if a little is beneficial to the body. However, excessive sun can be harmful to the skin. Even the hazard can increase with the number of rays on the skin. Why?

The ultraviolet or UV radiation contained in the sun can cause skin damage, even permanent skin damage including skin cancer. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) can cause your skin to burn (SKINBURN), and cause black spots and wrinkles are also brown spots and thickening and dryness of skin. UV radiation can damage DNA, suppress immune system, and activate the chemicals in the body that can cause cancer. Other negative effects of premature aging. Even later revealed that UVA radiation penetrates the skin deeper than UVB, which can cause skin cancer, and may suppress the immune system. SO STILL underestimate BRIGHT SUNLIGHT FOR YOUR SKIN!


We Have the skin of his own immune or natural immunity against the Sun increasingly Many Melanin in the skin the less we risk our skin is exposed to the deleterious effects of UV LIGHT, BRIGHT YOU MORE AND MORE WHITE THEN THE VULNERABLE against UV rays.

Given the dangers of UV rays, although skin already has a natural protection, the skin remains and MUST BE PROTECTED. WHAT tricks?

    Limit your time exposed to direct sunlight, especially between the hours of 10:00 until 16:00. Because at the moment of ultraviolet radiation (UV) which was at its height that is dangerous when the sun is hot-hot so that it can harm your skin.
Check Your Skin With SKIN CARE Go to 3 months minimum.
Before doing outdoor activities, always use sunscreen (sunblock) (UV protection), broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher. Also use a sunscreen that can protect against UVA and UVB radiation (1SPF is 10 minutes of protection against the rays of the Sun).
Apply sunscreen to the skin surface about 15-30 minutes before you are exposed to sunlight, then apply again after 30 minutes of direct sunlight.
Apply more sunscreen every two hours when outdoors, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. Sunscreens are easily erased with sweat and towels.
Wear clothing that protects the skin as a hat with a wide mouth cap, sunglasses with anti-UV protective lenses, long pants, long sleeves, or jackets.

    We recommend wearing clothes that knitting meeting with a dark color because it gives more protection.
Begin to protect the skin from an early age to teach your children about the dangers of the sun during the day.
Avoid surfaces that reflect sunlight, such as water, sand, polish floors. Give extra attention to your skin if you are in the area.
Wherever possible you shelter in place or activity that is not exposed to the scorching sun.



– Expand your LEATHER SPORTS so hydrated and remove toxins in the fat body and lead to dull skin.

– Healthy Eating Foods with PATTERN FITNESS DIET (5-6x a day with Eating right) Expand Eat foods such as vegetables FIBER-Vegetable and fruit.

– Many were thinking positive because it will cause INNER BEAUTY is good for your skin and your facial skin.

– Sleep And Rest is ENOUGH 7-8 Hours Per day, with enough sleep your body will regenerate and come back fresh.

– Avoid ALCOHOL and stay out late Because it will make your skin is getting older

– Use Always SAFE PRODUCTS FACE CREAM FACE and Day and Night as a routine.

– Expand the Drinking Water Min 8 glasses per day more is better, because water can get rid of Toxins in our bodies.

Factors that’s dull and SOLUTIONS TO FACE that we post for your information to you as a reader is more clear and understood the meaning and SKIN HEALTHY SKIN FACE THE WHITE NATURAL.


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