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Once upon a time you have to go to school and get a degree to learn to programme or at least, that is the only way to get the resources available to you, to learn how to programme.

Now there is Codecademy, a startup that makes programming easy and fun, the best part is that it is also free. The website allows you to learn with your friends and has interactive tutorials to help you if you are a beginner and never coded in your life.

They offer lessons, as well as projects so you can put your skills to the test. Codecademy teaches Java JavaScript is one of the fundamental programming languages of the internet. It serves as a great introduction to general programming principles, and it shows the power of programming.”

Treehouse, is another portal that teaches you how to code, this is more sophisticated and it comes with videos on how to build websites. People have learnt to be great developers from Treehouse,

Treehouse is membership based, where you pay a monthly fee, to learn to code.

Using these websites are a great starting point and it is also useful for experienced developers that want to improve their skills.

The main benefit to learning how to code, is that you don’t have to rely on other developers to help you build apps and websites, if you can do it yourself, you will save a lot of money.

Everything from web development, to web design and app creation is available for you to learn, most people just specialize on one of the 3 aspects of developing.

There are not enough developers around and they are very well paid, it will pay off for you to learn the skills to programme and build the future. Other places that can help you become a better programmer includes Stackexchange which is a Q&A service and GitHub which is a social network for programming. 

Programmer in Silicon Valley earn around $100,000 anually, programming is tough but it is worth putting in the time. There are also a lot of helpful books on programming depending on what your goals are and what you want to lean to code.


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