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PostParker is the new kid on the block.  If you liked MYlot, Ciao, Bukisa, you will surely like PostParker, too.  This site started January of this year.    Thus, I believe there is still room for growth for this paid forum site.

The rules are simple; all you have to do is respond to the discussions or you can create your own discussion.  PostParker will then pay you from .01-.07 for every post you make.  Depending on the quality of your responses, the site will determine how much they are going to reward you from what you just shared.  As for me, I just joined this site two days ago and I managed to have $.27 cents for my 13 responses right away. Then, they will pay you through your PayPal account. Not bad, eh!  I can say that their rates are higher than the other sites.

At the moment there are 792 users. You’ll notice in most of the discussions you’ll see same faces, same members responding.  This means that making friends  here is not a hard thing to do.  Plus, I would say the discussions created are very informative.  However, I would still rank MYlot as the leader in this niche.  Meanwhile, I would say in due time PostParker will achieve this reputation, too.  If more members come and join this site, more quality discussions will be created.  After sometime the monetary compensation will just come second because we enjoy each others’ company.  We learn a lot.

I really wish this site will grow, opening another door of opportunity to people like us who want to earn extra money online.  I hope that spammers and deviants will not flood this site.  I really don’t want  this to follow the footsteps of DestroyDebt and Ciao.  These sites have very promising reward system, but with spammers joining these sites, webmasters end up paying those who do not deserve it.  What else?  It jeopardize the future of those who are doin their jobs honestly.  IN line with this,  I really wish that PostParker will take care of their business, do not allow low quality responses on your site.  This way we can maintain the credibility of the site, providing opportunity to honest and deserving individuals.


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