How to Make a Tug Toy for Your Dog

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tug-main_Thumb.jpgIf you like to play tug-0-war with your dog… you will love to make this tug!

Are you looking for a great inexpensive toy for your dog?

Does your dog love to play tug games?

Then you can’t get any more inexpensive as this tug toy you can make yourself for your dog

These are the things you will need to get started

* old fleece blanket (an old baby receiving blanket will do nicely)
* scissors

Cut your old fleece blanket into strips about 4 inches wide, then roll them lengthwise into 1 inch thick rolls.
If you have a smaller dog you can make the strips narrower and/or shorter

tie 3 strips together into a knot on one end of the tug you are about to make.

Next braid the 3 strips together into a long braid and tie off the end just as you did for step one.

If you want to add a ball to the tug that is pretty easy as well. Once you have braided your tug about 3/4 of the length of your strips you will then take a tennis ball or other ball that has a hole drilled all the way through it and put the middle strand of your tug through the hole then continue to braid to the end and tie off.

  • I use old baby receiving blankets that I get at the Salvation Army Store to cut into strips to make my tug toy.
  • If you have a smaller dog you can make the strips narrower and shorter if you like.
  • Tugs are great for teaching your dog to come when called. call the dog and let him see the tug toy, wiggle it as you run away from your dog while calling his name, when he catches you he gets to play tug… what fun!
  • Make sure when you play tug-o-war with your dog that it has rules. You begin and end the game. He must understand that sometimes you will LET him win and other times he MUST give up the tug when told.
  • Playing tug-o-war with your dog can become addictive for both you and your dog!
  • use extra caution when playing tug-o-war with puppies, especially when teething so that you don’t rip out those puppy teeth and make your puppy afraid of the game

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