Making Money as a Part-Time

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You can try the concept of myLot, this may interest you. The myLot concept pays you for partaking in their online community where you participate in the discussion covering different topics. Unlike other ‘get paid to’ concept myLot really caught my very attention because of the huge community that is ready to response in your discussions and maybe you will find their site’s. MyLot has a good interaction in their community, the site is monitored constantly to avoid spams and other things that can ruin the quality and flow of the site.

MyLot is only one of its kind website, where you can create discussion and the community will response or you can comment on the other’s discussion, either way you can earn money by those activity and sometimes you will forget about the earning think because you yourself is hooked with the program because you can meet various kinds of people, knowing their view and sharing your views.

This is the earning part and we will discuss how to earn a good decent amount daily. But before that you should secure a paypal account so through it you can have your earnings into your pocket but there are other methods of how myLot pays you though it is limited. The minimum is $10 and this not impossible to gain in a week though this can take a while to reach but is well worth it. Earnings are updated daily and payments are sent monthly. You can make money with myLot by asking questions, answering questions, including images, and referring new members to the community.

Let me talk about each money making activity in myLot. Starting a discussion and asking questions can really be one of the more profitable posts you can make. If your discussion receives more responses, you will earn more for your post. By making each post at least a paragraph long and include useful information such events, tips, news, health topics, etc. anything under the sun that you think will interest you and others.

There are some rules which you must follow if you don’t want to get banned from the site. You cannot spam the site with ads, spam with poor responses, be rude to other members and talk about your myLot earnings. There are people post semi adverts that is not so direct, but it makes your account to be banned so avoid trying to cheat the system because myLot have so many administrator that monitor each activities and most of them are disguised as a regular member that also will comment or interact with the discussions. Nevertheless, we must be thankful to these rules because it will keep the quality of the community.

If you are not yet a member of this amazing site, you can sign up here for free.


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