Mother’s Day 2012 Date And Celebration & Gifts

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On the second Sunday of the month May Mother’s day is celebrated every year to respect and honored mother. On mother’s day people spend time with their loving and caring mothers as well as they express love and gratitude and make her feel that how much they love and care them and how much they respect them and how much special she is to them. On this day people like to surprise their moms with different and unique mother’s day gifts such as cakes, sweets, chocolates, flowers and greeting cards.

Mother’s Day 2012 Date is on second Sunday of the May month i.e. May 13th.

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in ancient Greece during the Spring Festivities honoring Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. Rhea was lucky- her kids were super-human and she the mother of all mothers. President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an American institution in 1914. Thereafter Mother’s Day has become an international event celebrating mothers everywhere. Mothers are programmed to protect and love their children for all eternity.

In every country people celebrates mother’s day in its unique way because they have their own traditions, cultures and values. People take mother’s day as an opportunity to convey their love and respect for their mothers. People who live out of the country send gift and flowers to their mother through online florists on this day and surprise them. Family members should spend their time together and offer gifts to mothers and prepare special cuisines for them. On this day, Mothers are given full day off from house holding chores. However, this celebration is not confined in family bonds only. Children can present gifts to their grandmothers and also those whom they feel are motherly for them.

 We celebrate Mothers Day in recognition of the millions of things that mothers do the year round to nourish us, enrich our lives and protect us, regardless of our age. Mothers Day is a special holiday and extraordinary day so people tribute to Mothers in all over the world.  All Mothers around the world should be saluted for a job well done.

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