Pick a Home Loan That Works With Your Lifestyle

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The Australian mortgage market provides an infinite selection of home loan features that can make it difficult for any home buyer to make an informed choice. It is very important that you research and apply for a home loan that suits your present and future lifestyle and the following are only some of the situations that you should take into consideration when researching a home loan to fit your lifestyle. You should contact a professional mortgage broker before making a decision.

Are You A First Time Buyer with Low Income?
• Basic Variable Home loans without any expensive extras are often the better choice for first time buyers who tend to have a low income.
• Honeymoon or Introductory Rate Home loans can help keep your interest payments low at the beginning of your loan.
• Fixed Rate Home loans can give you the security of budgeting for your loan repayments.

Are You Self-Employed or A Wage Earner?
• If you are self-employed, accessing a Low Doc Home loan maybe your only option, however, these usually are at a higher interest rate.
• Whether you are self-employed or a wage earner, you must consider the security of your income when making your choice of home loan. Think about how you will make repayments if your income is reduced due to economic changes or health issues. Will your home loan provider grant you a “repayment holiday” if your income is disrupted for a short time?
• A home loan that has a “redraw facility” allows you to make extra payments when your income is high or if you receive a bonus but lets you access this money when you need it.
• A home loan that allows you to make weekly or fortnightly repayments that coincides with your pay frequency can help your budget and can also help you pay off your loan sooner.
• A Mortgage Offset account can help you pay off your home loan sooner but still allows you to access your funds when you need to.

Is Refinancing your Home Loan an Option?
• Refinancing an existing home loan can be an effective strategy when you are looking for debt consolidation, funding home improvements or simply to raise cash.
• You may want to consider a home loan that includes options to shift to a fixed rate from a variable rate.
• You may want a home loan that allows you to use the equity in your home for travel, holidays, property investment or other lifestyle improvements.

What’s the Best Home Loan Term for You?
• You need to consider how likely it is that you might need to move house in the next few years. If you choose a fixed home loan then there may be penalties if you break the term to sell your home and move to a new property.

It is a good idea to discuss your home loan requirements with a professional mortgage broker. Complete the online form on our website if you would like us to help you select the best home loan features that fit your lifestyle.


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