Christian Horror Movie House Now on Dvd – a Review

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The controversial Christian horror film House released on DVD on April 7, 2009, based upon the 2006 Christian fiction horror novel House, co-authored by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker.

Jack (Reynaldo Rosales – TV’s “Inconceivable,” TV’s “The 4400”) and Stephanie Singleton are a couple on the edge of divorce following the tragic drowning of their young daughter. On their way to a marriage counselor in Alabama, they have a strange encounter on the road with a policeman (Michael Madsen –Reservoir Dogs, Free Willy). A few miles down the road when they are almost involved in a wreck, the same police officer shows them a shortcut back to the interstate. Before too long, Jack and Stephanie realize they are lost in the pouring rain, and their situation worsens dramatically when they run over some old farm parts, blowing out two tires. They notice another empty car sitting on the road, apparently also a victim of running into the sharp farm implements.

The Singletons discover a large, rambling house nearby with a sign indicating it is the Wayside Inn. Taking shelter inside, they meet the occupants of the other car, Randy and Leslie, another young couple. They soon encounter the family who runs the inn: first the mother, then her creepy son, and finally the strange father. They discover the phone doesn’t work, their cell phones have no reception, so they all are forced to wait the night out at the inn.

After dinner, things go from bad to worse as it becomes apparent the family knows things about the two young couples. and their weird son has a thing for pretty Leslie. But before the couples can leave, a terrifying man known as “The Tin Man,” shows up wearing a mask and carrying a gun. He throws a tin can into the house, with a message scrawled on it, stating that he has killed God and he will also kill all of them unless they kill one of their own by dawn. The family bolts and locks all the doors, and the two couples find themselves locked inside the house

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Christian Horror Movie House Comes to DVD on April 7, 2009


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