Necessity of Love

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Love is a part of life and every one is having their own love and affection with their beloved persons. The love not only connects a men and a women, but love will connect a person with material things like nature, art, birds and so on. It is impossible to live a life without love. Even the person who don’t have faith with human love also have their love and affection with natural things and others.

Every one is having a lot of love and affection with their family members like father, mother, siblings, cousins and other relations. No one have the ability to complete their life without love, since love is playing an important role in every persons life. 

We all depend up on others for our needs and necessities. No one have the ability to live their life without getting the help from others. Every one is depending up on their family members, friends in some situation and need their help. If our friends and family members have real love and affection with us, surely they will help us at the time of our needs and it is the out come of the real love. We must reciprocate the same to them.

Don’t refuse to help your friends and family members who is in need of your help. It is our duty to help our beloved persons at the time of their needs as well as we can express our real love with our help. The concept of love is to give hand to the crying heart. We all need love in our life to live it in a good manner. Without love it is really hard to imagine the human. 

We can find the real love and affection of our friends and family members, while we are in a critical stage. At that time our beloved persons will come forward to help us and express their love in the form of help. We will do the same to them in their needs. Never forsake the person whoever trust you. It is the greatest sin in this world. Always help others as much as you can and get satisfaction with your help. By helping others, you will get the same from them whenever you need it from others.


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