Micke’s Own Words – Football A’Track Online Game Review

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footballatrack.jpgBecause Football A’Track is made by miepie.nl (which now redirects to weexi.com) it’s probably safe to assume that it is a game created in the Netherlands, but because I am American I will use American terms.  This is a cute little scrolling game with a soccerball, goals and yellow cards.  The object is to hit as many goals as you can without running over the yellow cards.

Although there aren’t many graphics to this game (just grass, a ball, and unlimited yellow cards and goals), they’re easy to see and it doesn’t get confusing.  The ball has animations that play nice and smooth.

The controls take a little while to get used to.  You only use the mouse and the left mouse button, but controlling the ball is a little different than just moving the mouse left and right.  If you put the mouse in the middle of the screen, then the ball will stay where it’s at and just roll forward.  The secret to this movement is simply learning how to steer the ball and when to keep it in one spot.  Since the goals and yellow cards come in a random sequence, sometimes you will get a goal and a yellow card in the same spot.  These goals may be difficult to score and may sometimes just be better off leaving alone.  Don’t worry, because another one will be coming very soon.  As you progress through the game, more and more yellow cards will fill up the field making it more difficult to maneuver through them and score goals.  It will be necessary to click the LEFT MOUSE button to jump over a group of yellow cards that won’t let you through unless you run them over.  You can only touch 5 yellow cards and the game will be over.

It would be nice if this game had some extra features like maybe some powerups.  It would definitely score a higher rating.

As mentioned, this is a cute game and can be addictive as you get better.  In my first two attempts I scored 9 goals, then 20.  If I wasn’t writing reviews I would play it more times.  I know I can beat 20. Can you?

Game type Flash

Genre: Sports / Arcade

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