Osama Bin Laden Had Other Residences in Pakistan

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 Osama Bin Laden is a name the Pakistan intelligence agencies and the army cannot forget in a hurry. Here is a man who stayed for years in Pakistan without some of the Political leadership knowing that he lived just a stone’s throw from the Pakistan Military academy at Abottabad. Maybe the ISI had given him a haven, but the US action by the naval commandos again shamed Pakistan as the Pakistan army showed its incompetence by not being able to detect the raid. Considering that the raid took just about a 100 km from the national capital, the efficacy of the Pakistan army and air defense was questioned.

 However after this the Pakistan intelligence agencies not with a little prodding from the USA have got into the act and facts are emerging that Bin Laden was earlier staying in another house in Pakistan. In fact he had 5 safe houses in Pakistan when he was on the run. These facts have now emerged after interrogation of Laden’s youngest wife, who was his favorite.

Close to the Pakistan frontier is the town of Haripur. This town is associated with the Legendary Sikh warrior Hari Singh Nalwa and named after him. After the heat turned on Bil Laden he first came to Haripur and set up his residence here.

Bin Laden came to Haripur in 2001 from the Tore Bora mountain ranges. He set up his abode initially at Harinagar in a locality known as Naseem town.  The wanted terrorist lived in some comfort here till he shifted to Abottabad in 2006. He had hired the house from one Pir Mohammed a property broker through two front men both brothers named Salim and Javed Khan for $150 a month.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRrEYmb29YEUZBTVq6JT0vguest House inside Osama house at Abottabad

Bin Laden went under the pseudonym   Abu Ahmed al Kuwaiti and fathered 4 children in Pakistan over a period of 10 years. In fact 2 of the children were born in the public hospital at Abottabad. The tale of Osama is full of mystery. But perhaps the top echelons of the political leadership were not aware of Laden being in Pakistan. But there is a near certainty that rogue elements of the Pakistan ISI were aware of Bin laden in Pakistan. This makes sad reading.


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