Training of Future – Programmer.

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To become a programmer a lot of different avenues. You can self-study or in the center.The best way to learn programming and curriculum that you have the samples you can visit: or

It is for programmers is that the workers “coding” – people sitting typing commands (code) on your computer, making or editing software, it relies on the development of programming tools.
“Captain” or computer programmer is a fashionable and attractive profession. It has special appeal because “the image of her intellectual bright guy, sitting in cold rooms, high paid no cost and net surfing.”
Let’s find out a bit of training is considered “professional of the future” this lightly.
What is professional programmer?
programmers who design, build and maintenance of computer programs (software) on the programming tool, they can create new programs, bug fixes or upgrades to increase the program effects of computer use.
Income of a programmer higher than other professions. novice programmers are also about 200 $ / month. If you have several years of experience or management, they will be paying around 700-1000 $ / month. However, income levels of their profession in Vietnam is still regarded as too low compared to other countries in the world.
A major challenge
Programmers in particular and human resources industry in general remains a major challenge in the struggle for modernization of the country. Human resources is a serious lack of volume and weak on substance.
The IT industry currently needs about 50,000 more staff can meet the needs of society.As the number of employees they have graduated to 72% have no practical experience, 42% lack of skills, teamwork, and to 77.2% of businesses to train new employees (according to the Institute for Strategy IT).
Meanwhile, the BSc program takes too much time on general subjects, but invest little time for academic study, students and business practices in foreign language teaching.
On the other hand, Vietnam has now established national certification system for IT to standardize training and continuation training. Physical facilities, equipment and training for deficit and fast backward. Thus the quality of human resource training in Vietnam were rated as lower than other advanced countries in the region.
Golden Opportunity
Because IT is seen as a lever, is the foundation for the development of other economic sectors to CP Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan affirmed that “the training of human resources is the key in at the present time, decisions destiny for the development of the country “.
Vietnam’s IT industry has developed rapidly jump the gap compared to other countries in the region and the world. With growth of 50% / year, Vietnam is causing strong attraction for many developing countries. The IT group leading continuous visits to Vietnam and looking for investment opportunities. Many companies like Samsung, Fujitsu, Foxconn … has constructed and operated in Vietnam. Although still inadequate, but the quality of education began to be recognized in many foreign companies.Vietnam also has ambitions to “export” IT workers by 2020.
With nearly double the salary compared to other sectors, labor market recruitment IT in Vietnam is becoming hot. Businesses are always in a state of “headhunting” IT. Many students have already graduated from companies and enterprises “set” before. Even more businesses are willing to recruit candidates do not have the experience of re-training. IT is also very proud to see the market is “crazy about them.”

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