How to build a pool vacuum

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You will need the following items to make your pool vacuum;

Short garden hose or a piece of garden hose with the male connector attached

water broom or sweeper broom designed for use with a pressure washer or garden hose

The firtst thing you will need to do is to turn off your pool’s filter

2. disconnect the skimmer from the filter inlet tubing.

3. You need one of those brooms that you can attach a garden hose to or pressure washer to clean cement floors. attach a short garden hose or a piece of a garden hose to this broom and place it into the pool, making sure that you totally submerge the entire garden hose. You do not want trapped air in the garden hose or this air will get sucked into your filter and you will need to bleed it in order to get a good suction.

4. Once the free end of the hose has been submerged and is free of trapped air you will feed this through your filter inlet tubing as far as you can without having it sucked into the filter itself.

5. Turn the pool filter back on and this will turn your broom into a pool vacuum. Simply sweep the pool bottom and the filter will suck in all the dirt and debris cleaning the pool simply and easily.

I love this for it’s simplicity and ease of use. I already have the broom to clean my patio so why should I spend $250 or more for a pool vacuum when I can make my own that works just as efficiently?

I hope this works as well for you as it does for me.


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