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                 As we already know google introduces CALL & Short Messaging Service(SMS) In gmail.But SMS is limited for few countries.Now google entertained this service.Now you can send sms to your mobile while you are in online.This service is free.This is a very useful service. If you use a prepaid mobile network, and if you are out of credit (like I usually am :P), you can send texts for free to people who are texting you! And even if you have some credit, but don’t want to spend it uselessly, you can just log in to your Gmail account, and easily type and send a message to any of your contacts.

               Yahoo already has this feature which allows you to send free sms to select countries using Yahoo Mail, and 160by2 allows you to send free sms to India. Now Gmail too has integrated the same using its Labs feature. Though, Gmail did launch this feature earlier as well, but owing to certain issues had to roll it back. This time, its much improved, better and works too.

In order to send free sms to anyone using Gmail please follow the steps below

  • Login to your Gmail account.

  • Click on the link which says “Settings”.

  • Click on the tabbed link which says “Labs”.

  • Once inside Labs, enable the labs feature called Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat. Click on the radio button which says “Enable” and press the button Save Changes.

  • Now in order to send an SMS all you need to do is, login to the Chat using the integrated Gtalk within Gmail and select the friend to whom you wish to send the free sms.

  • Select More options and select the Send SMS option. 

Though this is a nice feature finally rolled out by Gmail, however, the caveat is that as of now you can send SMS to US Phone numbers. Hopefully, this feature gets rolled out to other countries as well, sometime soon.

SMS credits:                      

              This is a smart way Google has found to encourage the use of this service. Initially, you are given fifty credits, which means you can send out 50 messages. For every one message sent, one credit is deducted. But for every message received, say when someone replies to your Gmail text, you get 5 credits. So tell your friends to stop being miserly, and start replying to texts :). You can not, however, exceed the 50 credit limit, no matter how many replies you get. What if you lose all the credits? Well, you will receive one credit after 24 hours. A smart way to increase your credits would be to send a text to your own mobile phone, and then replying to it any number of times to refill your credits!  


           Google does not charge anything for this service. However, since this is a new service to most countries, some carriers might charge you for it. Usually, you won’t be charged for sending SMS through Gmail. The receiver might be charged a small amount if he chooses to reply to that message. Otherwise, standard messaging rates apply. Read more about SMS Charges at the Google Chat Support page.  

Supported operators:                

             The reason that this service is so exciting for us is that, it wasn’t available for our country before. Not only for us, but for most of our readership as well, this is a big news. The inclusion of this region shows that Google is working to expand its services, which is a good thing. Previously, in the U.S, this service was limited to a few operators. Now, all U.S operators are supported. And the influence has expanded outside the U.S as well. Now, more than 50 countries are included, with hundreds of supported operators. And this influence is expanding fast! For Pakistan, Ufone and Mobilink, the major mobile operators in this area, are supported. In India, Reliance, MTS, Aircel, and other major networks are supported.Here is a complete list of the Supported Mobile Operators. If your country is listed, but not your carrier, don’t despair! Now that so many countries have been included, supporting carriers is not that big an issue. It’s only a matter of time before more operators are included by Google. Just wait and see. If your country isn’t listed, Google promises to include more countries very soon. So keep your fingers crossed.


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