Micke’s Own Words – Grav Ball Online Game Review

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gravball.jpgLike soccer? Well too bad! This isn’t soccer.  Grav Ball is a game from Flash Rage where nasty red circles are the only thing keeping your ball away from its goal.  The object is to maneuver the soccer ball around an obstacle course into a white goal post without hitting any of the obstacles.

The graphics are very plain.  They could have been much better, but they still do the job.  There is a set pattern of obstacles, a white goal post and a soccer ball somewhere on each level.  When you move the ball left and right, it does rotate, so it’s not completely plain.

On a faster computer, these controls might prove to be very difficult, but I don’t know.  There are no brakes in this game. Gravity is pulling the ball down.  The only way to defy it is to press the UP button.  It’s not that easy.  If you hold UP for too long, the ball will fly up off of the screen and you will have to start the level over again.  LEFT and RIGHT will move the ball in their respective directions.  I have found it easier to use the UP button with my left hand and control LEFT and RIGHT with my right hand.  Trying to control all that with one hand just doesn’t work for me.  It might not be the case for you, but there’s my walkthrough.  I can’t imagine how difficult this game would be if you had lives. But then again, there are only 20 levels.

It’s hard to rate this game because it’s challenging, but at the same time, there are only 20 levels and they’re pretty short levels.  If it had more levels, it would for sure be a high ranked game.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Puzzle (Most places put it in the sports category because it has a soccerball and goal posts, but there are no sports involved)

Micke’s Rating:  mickehead.gifmickehead.gifmickeblank.gifmickeblank.gifmickeblank.gif


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