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Bukisa have page rank #5 while Hubpages have higher page rank position to #6. Whether you write for Bukisa or in Hubpages, as long as you optimize well the search engine and you have the proper keywords for your work, your articles can be positioned to the first page of search engine. Both sites have high page rank, but it will be useless if you do not know how to optimize your keywords.

Earning Potential

In Bukisa, you can choose between adsense and chitika, in hubpages, you need to have adsense in order to earn commission. If you do not have adsense account, it will most likely 0 (Zero) Earnings every day.


If you introduce your friends and family or anybody in hubpages and they sign up using your link, you will earn 10% of their page impression, but, you will not earn if you are not enrolled in hubpages ad program which requires adsense active account. In Bukisa, you will earn a whopping 25% commission on your referral.

Publishing of articles

Even if you are new to hubpages, and you just sign up now, you can easily publish your first hubs. Hubpages will automatically publish all your article or hubs until someone will continuously flag your content. Hubber may flag your content if they think that it has grammatical errors, wrong spelling, lacking of information. If that scenario happens, your account can be banned and all your articles will be unpublished, your earnings will be forfeited.

In Bukisa, your articles will be reviewed from the start, it will be check if it’s free from violation of terms and conditions of Bukisa, and after your articles are reviewed and published you will be assured that it’s approved by the moderator.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

If you are writing for hubpages and you are looking for a great alternative, try Bukisa. The platform is easy to navigate and understand. With Bukisa you can earn through chitika advertisements if you do not have adsense account. Why wait for 6 months if you can earn through chitika? Join Bukisa, the registration is completely free. You can earn without spending a single cent from your pocket and the income is passive so long your article can be search on the internet.


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