Love in School Days

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School days is for education. All school students  must concentrate in their education and avoid unwanted crushes and love activities during school days. Getting crush and infatuation is normal in school days and this kind of activities surely spoil our concentration in our studies. 

Some students think that having a boy friend/girl friend during school days is a status as well as modern trend. But they are wrong. This kind of trend will spoil our education and we spoil our future in this sort. We can get our love in life at any time, but it is really hard to go back to the school again if we missed the school age. 

Focus your full concentration in your studies during school and college days. It is really hard to avoid the crushes and infatuations, but we can over come from them using our determination. If we give our uttermost to our studies and avoid this kind of distractions surely we will achieve a lot with our education.

Surely love in school days will spoil your education. You don’t have the ability to concentrate in your lessons due to your infatuation and you will waste your time while thinking about your boy friend/girl friend as well as spending time with them. You don’t get any benefits with this activity apart from spoiling your future.

Every student must avoid this kind of unwanted crushes during school days. This kind of boy friend/girl friend trend will spoil your education as well as future. There is nothing wrong in making good friendship with opposite gender persons. But avoid making relationship with them during school days, since your don’t have any maturity during school days and it is the period for studies and studies alone.

What is your opinion about falling in love in school days? Do you think it is a good trend? Do you think falling in love and infatuations during school days is not good for our future? Did you ever fall in love or crushes during your school days? What is your experience in this sort? What will you do if your kids fall in love or infatuation during their school days? Do you accept them?


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